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  1. Hopefully there are still some decent guys left on Vaabi otherwise we will have to chase the ppt Commanders from Piken whole MU. Greets Myrmi
  2. There is an opportunity that we will be matched with Deso next week, reading this I would prefer Drakkar and Abaddon. What the hell is wrong with you? Whats next? RL Issues? Greets Myrmi
  3. Actually mostly Servers are shit, so you have to look for the ones which are less shit. Stop defending your Server and embrace the Truth, in 4 years you showed no Improvement. At least in the past you had some decent Guilds. I talked today to an really nice person from Baruch he said they only decent group of fighting are about 30 guys who do some open raids under Army tag. Former Zas, Bull, sin guys.......the Rest where mostly useless. He also told me that people are afraid to join them , cause of the huge skill gap, so instead of listen to them and improve they continue to be onepush all day long. Greets Myrmi
  4. You dont get the point Mr. Drakkar, its all about the fights, I dont care if we lose or win when the fights are good. BB and The French are shit so no good fights. Now go waypoint , before you get infight and have to do something else except running away. Greets Myrmi
  5. Sure but now it could be even worse with them........ Greets Myrmi
  6. I was excited to fight Vaabi next week, now I am sad that you got also those siegehuggers and rallybots from FSP. I was so glad gettin rid of them..... Greets Myrmi
  7. I dont play this week as many others too, gg you won against pve commanders. Still you get farmed in terms of KDR even against that shithole. Better fight at night is Ez;-) Just accept that you get farmed as we accept that we get farmed against vaabi, winning some fights doesnt change anything. At least you are not fully shit as the French they remind me of Drakkar or Abbadon. Greets Myrmi
  8. Dat farming is real, french started 1 h after Reset PPT race, spanish wait for the dark night. Boring as shit....... Have fun with our pve coms rest of the MU. Till next week. Greets Myrmi
  9. No its not everywhere the same. At least on RS and some top tier EU Servers you get decent Raids from the community Guilds. Greets Myrmi
  10. I know that we should have the upper hand on an offensive border but it was way too easy cause you had good numbers too. As you see except our morning ktrain crew nobody cares about ppt on RS, Desert Border is always a playground for dat national Server named Piken. As far as I know when a decent com tags up it will be mostly on Alpine cause they avoid the onepush pugs on EB too. Game is down to Reset and 2-3 hours on primetime, the Rest is not really enjoyable anymore even when you roam or play as a Guild. Whatever see ya. Greets Myrmi
  11. FSP cheats again Crossover MU against Deso..........shame on you^^. Greets Myrmi
  12. Gandara Greets Myrmi
  13. Wtf happened to Gandara, so bad influence of bandwagoners? Piken still remind me of a national Server on Reset, hopefully it will get better later this week. Nevertheless ty for the fights, I guess it really depends on who is leading on Gandara. Greets Myrmi
  14. The Problem with BB Guilds is that they die in 5 seconds, run away to fight under Siege, or form massive Blob where you need at least 25-30 guys to fight them as a guild. Those numbers i saw barely from most Guilds nowadays. They only have one Guild that tries alone sadly i forgot their tag. So after 1 day fighting them MU was boring as hell, except you have a good night coverage. So wish you good fights, perhaps SFR has something to offer. Greets Myrmi
  15. Wrong MU Lendoiro at least say something on our one;-) Greets Myrmi