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  1. Drakka & Kodash & Jade

    Servus, ist jetzt wirklich nicht böse gemeint und bevor das jemand falsch deutet, sage ich es lieber. Wie zum Teufel ist es möglich das ein französischer Server eine höhere KDR hat, die sind so trash das ist mir unbegreiflich. Greets Myrmi
  2. Hello all, what happened to Desolation? Last time fights were at least somehow competitive, now its like fighting Sov all the time? I guess its only FSP , Vaabi and perhaps SFR cause of FOW link worth to fight atm.....in terms of Blobfights. Greets Myrmi
  3. Riverside BB Desolation

    All Server do this atm, some more some less. With the linkings its almost the same amount of Siege on international Servers,especially in objectives. The only difference i saw is that most french Server and german Server like Drakkar and Abbadon build siege at open field fights. I witnessed this also with particular Piken and Deso commanders. Never saw this with FSP, Gandara, Vaabi Commanders that I know, or RS commanders that I follow. Just open your Eyes and you will see the difference. Greets Myrmi
  4. Riverside BB Desolation

    I am not even german, further on learn to read I said that I dislike our own people when they do it. You are so narrowminded that you judge a whole Server/Country even if you know that RS is giving decent fights. Whatever have fun with BB and the French. Greets Myrmi
  5. Riverside BB Desolation

    ''Their blobs are decent'', are you kidding me? 90% of the time they fight only under Siege or near objectives. Even there they die to any somehow decent blob. They remind me of our morningcrew. When they face an EU Server with night coverage they melt like icecream. The only enjoyable blob to fight from BB are ARMY coms everything else is boring. Greets Myrmi
  6. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    Did I miss something? So we have a known k Trainer on RS who pvd about 3-4Hours a Day. Against a Server who ppt almost all day and another one which is stacked as fuck and makes enough ppt just by numbers and you complain? Hopefully you get Augury Rock or Baruch back for your competitive fights. As many others said enjoy the Game at prime be happy about some decent fights nothing else matters. Greets Myrmi
  7. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    At least you have fun on your Server Isnt it what everybody says there? Greets Myrmi
  8. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    Depends on who is tagged up. I dont care at all if we win or lose, honesty if they fights are competitive its all I want. Everything except Vaabi, Gandara, and probably FSP is getting farmed by us. In terms of blob fights only these Servers matter atm. Everything below is boring ppt and onepush. Except of 1 or 2 decent coms on other Servers perhaps. Greets Myrmi
  9. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    Honestly Chris, you played long enough on RS to know who is leading and which people are following at the morning. That will never change as long as he tags up. At least there is some Balance in ppt with them so we can focus on Fights at primetime and dont have to do ppt for good MU. Greets Myrmi
  10. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

    Ask our opponents, they will confirm that we are the only national Server which is worth fighting. Except Vaabi, perhaps Gandara and FSP all other Servers got farmed, so call us like you prefer i dont care. Greets Myrmi
  11. RoF vs. Miller/Drakkar vs. Dzago/Abaddon

    You should not say germans in general there are still some,which dont run away from a good fight. Greets Myrmi
  12. Gandara-Riverside-BB

    Hello, pls Fanfard do some Raids with Army otherwise it will be a week without any decent Fight against BB. Greets Myrmi
  13. Hopefully there are still some decent guys left on Vaabi otherwise we will have to chase the ppt Commanders from Piken whole MU. Greets Myrmi
  14. were to go next

    There is an opportunity that we will be matched with Deso next week, reading this I would prefer Drakkar and Abaddon. What the hell is wrong with you? Whats next? RL Issues? Greets Myrmi
  15. Riverside-French Bags-Spanish Bots

    Actually mostly Servers are shit, so you have to look for the ones which are less shit. Stop defending your Server and embrace the Truth, in 4 years you showed no Improvement. At least in the past you had some decent Guilds. I talked today to an really nice person from Baruch he said they only decent group of fighting are about 30 guys who do some open raids under Army tag. Former Zas, Bull, sin guys.......the Rest where mostly useless. He also told me that people are afraid to join them , cause of the huge skill gap, so instead of listen to them and improve they continue to be onepush all day long. Greets Myrmi