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  1. Greetings! Tonight at around 5pm UK we will be hosting the 3rd EU GvG tournament. You may remember the last two tournaments we did on EU, in December of 2016, and February of 2017. However this 3rd tournament is going to be a lot different than the previous ones we've ran. We're going to do our best to get everything done in one day, and that's while we'll be aiming to start the tournament off at 5pm UK (6pm CET/12pm EST/9am PST). The tournament is played in a core/draft format. This means that no elite spec are allowed, and the entire revenant class has been banned, as well as other expansion related mechanics. The full rules can be read on the brackets/rules sheet, which can be found here. There has never been an international draft tournament in EU before, so this will be an entertaining event. The drafted teams can be found here. The drafting process was streamed live at Roys twitch channel, and if you are interested in the drafting process, you can find the VOD here. We have 8 team captains, who picked from the pool of signed up players to create their teams. The GvG's will be streamed through my twitch channel and I will be casting the tournament alongside MightyTeapot, and Sabull. We will be trying to stream as many GvG's as possible, but as there will be multiple going on at once, we might not catch everything. However we have set up multiple streams from the players perspectives, so we can hop onto those streams during downtime and provide more coverage. There will be multiple giveaways during the stream and especially after the finals. The current giveaway pot consists of around 1400 gold, skins, precursors and other goodies. We hope to see a lot of people come out to watch, and we hope you all enjoy the tournament. Thanks to the players and captains who signed up, and good luck to all the teams! If you have any questions feel free to PM me ingame at BloodMoonASURA.3564 at any time, and I will do my best to answer your questions! Please note that while the GvG's are happening, I might be unable to answer immediately, but I will do my best to get back at you ASAP! Cheers! Freakshow
  2. Message to both existing and returning WvW/GvG guilds

    Can I strim tournament Scrapper ain't viable so I got nothing else to do
  3. Gandara - PS - SFR

    Thanks for fights today on EBG, Amp commander and Piken Necro commander. Don't know your names, but I had loads of fun leading! Good fights.
  4. [Ash] Mahrtas / Relentless / Warrior Montage

  5. FSP - Gandara - GH

    I had fun duels this matchup. Glad to see roamers from Gandara and FSP still respect 1v1s ^^
  6. Anguîsh [Ash] - Vabbi

    Making accounts to flame in 2k17 LUL I like seals
  7. one up one down

    The real question here is, how the fuck do you have -115 rating?
  8. FSP-Piken-RS

  9. GH - BB - DL

    Oh you did see the video? Alright cool. Yeah I hope you understand that there is no ill intent with this. Just previous personal experiences, that make me question this type of stuff when I see them. And the question mark is there for a reason Well if you say there isn't anything going on with the guy, I'll believe ya. You know your guild better than I do ^^ I'll make the video hidden, so it won't be public nomore. Keep the link here tho, if someone is interested
  10. GH - BB - DL

    Let me quote myself from youtube: "So he goes down and "lags" directly back into his group? And when we push, his body moves to the right so his body doesn't get cleaved? I'm not convinced, but maybe I'm wrong. That's why I called it suspicious after all." And yeah I made a small mistake. Didn't put (?) after the link. I believe things like this should be investigated properly, hence the link here. This has nothing to do with respect. If he truly isn't using 3rd pty soft, then sure, I'll remove the thing. And truthfully, I was looking for WaR members yesterday, to link them this video, but didn't find any. And one more thing to add, "pics or didn't happen". It's a lot easier to believe an outsider if they claim your guildie is being suspicious when they have some sort of proof. Just imagine the times someone has called your guildies hackers, just because they lost a fight or something, you laugh them off. But this time there is actual proof that we can investigate and determine what it really is. I've personally been in a guild which had a hacker before, and nobody had any idea before we saw him fly on top of a wall during roaming. So most of the time people have no idea who is doing this, even the guildies. You do realise, that there is no malice with my post. It's called suspicious behaviour for a reason, so I get some opinions if this is worth investigating. Besides, once I find a WaR member, I'll whisper them about this. Hope that clears it up ^^
  11. GH - BB - DL

    First hacker found bois (?) Check your roster [WaR]
  12. Scrapper GvG/WvW

    I like cucumbers aswell
  13. Scrapper GvG/WvW

  14. Gandara vs Piken vs Kodash

    What guilds are raiding on Kodash and Gandara?
  15. RS - PS - FSPů

    Had some great duels yesterday vs FSP roamers. Also cheers to RS for not ganking me o/