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  1. [pV] Pure Voice

    Disbanded Cheers at all for the figths etc.
  2. [pV] Pure Voice

    UPDATE: We transfered to Whiteside Ridge (1000 Gems) We currently recruit: 1 Necro 1 Guard Pm Mars.6850 for any requests!
  3. [pV] Pure Voice

    Update: We currently recruit: All Classes Pm Mars.6850 for any requests!
  4. [pV] Pure Voice

    Bumperino We currently recruit: 1 Rev 2 Guards 1 Mesmer 1 Ele 1 Rev Pm Mars.6850 for any requests!
  5. 2nd EU Tournament

  6. [pV] Pure Voice Hi we are Pure Voice [pV], we are a german progressive guild formed some months ago. We always wanna improve and learn from the mistakes we made. Our roster is forged out of retired hardcore players which wanna play out of the highest possible potential in a relaxed and funny atmosphere. We are raiding up to four times a week. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 20:00 GMT +1 on Whiteside Ridge (1000 Gems). Our roster is quite full and to fill the last spots we are currently looking for: 2 Necros 2 Guards 5 Revs 1 Mesmer We expect you to make 3/4 as a minimum. You should have a working microphone with TS3, able to speak/ understand fluent german and to record for a debriefing. If you are interested in joining or you have some further questions ask: Mars.6850 (Guildlead) Cheers