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  1. It would be nothing so mundane I assure you
  2. When matched with FA and NSP, are we really to talk about fighting?
  3. You couldn't take it no matter the condition. Stick to tower ninjas
  4. Maybe if they got a server in Iceland or something.. We shouldn't have been separated to begin with for a 24 hour conquest game.
  6. FA comes out at 4am and wants everyone else to know how much stuff they flipped while you slept
  7. Aww somebody's bored of sentry duty
  8. I know rite? Sure you guys don't wanna pull a full BG thursday next week or something?
  9. It's funwatching Hasax confiscate SM every morning though.
  10. Is awful warm up in here
  11. You're
  12. Calls others stupid, thinks Ishan is on Mag
  13. You mean we're spawncamping so you ragelogged en masse? When the going gets tough, FA plays alts
  14. Fixed now, took Youtubes editor a while to mute the offender