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  1. Mag - BG - SOS

    100% spawncamped no haus for joo
  2. Mag - BG - SOS

    I stand by my statement. QQ are the only group on BG not in the ppt swarm. One being marooned just means yet another slot for a zergling
  3. Mag - BG - SOS

    Everyone who wants to be a t1 server transferred to BG already
  4. Mag - BG - SOS

  5. Big fishy eat lil fishy It's the jungle babay
  6. Mag - JQ - DB

    JQ's not the worst match Shame Mag's pairing seems to be bloating out of control. Oh well, new Xcom2 dlc to experience \o/
  7. SBI - Mag - CD

    Hollywood does fighting better and nobody winds up a drooling idiot
  8. MAG NSP SoS

    He means where's the solos to roll with a 15
  9. JQQ - Mag - YB

    The whole it not mattering if he actually plays thing, not gonna sink in. Guys like him are the ones paying people to come win for them.
  10. New Xpac features TL;DR

    Holosmith conjures weapons like an ele I believe. Understandable mistake
  11. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Just can't justify playing in the recent primetime lag, frustration to entertainment level too slanted to fore. Of course some populations are more acclimated to such conditions than others.
  12. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    You know not the crossenstaff
  13. BG-FA-JQ

    I wonder if that sounds so politically correct in mandarin
  14. SBI - MAG - SOS

    Know where I'd put my money
  15. SBI - MAG - SOS

    Your KDR says nop