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  1. Wow guys, seven servers and not even a full page. Way to suck
  2. So Jarvan. Who does cloud better, barcode or mag pugs?
  3. If only we could claim it
  4. I'm sure someone on JQ will step up to fill Kefro's loincloth
  5. JQ still has a few sea time people Maybe a few will leave JQ
  6. I would like some tit pics
  7. Well, thanks for proving my tax dollars weren't utterly wasted. first time I've referred to or about him as anything but "izzy" in TS. Have a fun summer Crushie
  8. I'm finding it sad/funny, FA scrubs not even knowing who Israel is. None of you FA popcorn farts even know who was keeping the lights on the other 22 hours of the day.
  9. Real PvPrs roam Dbl.. For hours... To find that one dude flipping empty shit Nah bro it's all yours
  10. Like hell FA doesn't want to blob lol They just suck at it
  11. It's all flipping empty shit
  12. Huh, stupid is an STD. I learned \o/
  13. What's wrong with porn avatars? Boobies are wunderbar.
  14. 5 years this fall.. god damn