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  1. can we ban all server pride fags, let them re-evaluate their lives and come back so we can actually have some quality pvf
  2. not sure it's an execuse, but how to make the pugs get better with current state of game if they dont want, it has been 4 years, people who want to git gud already be good and keep improving. I, gregor and few people used to talk shit a lot to bad pugs when we made git gud raid on FA, but it didn't change anything so we stopped. It's fine if you want to be around with good players, but it's silly when you complain not getting any decent fight.
  3. we need more quality pvf like this, not retard things from anon fags
  4. can we have something more interesting to read than these bs from random server pride fags
  5. they already proved it, didn't BG get shit on weeks after mag came to t1
  6. i dont want to join a guild with a leader gets 1 pushed most of the time
  7. FIRST!