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  1. GlideDara + FoW - BBcarts - Plebbi + GH

    eh i never said that you were from vabbi and i´m not defending gandara^^ why should I when I am on vabbi atm just saying that everybody is crying about it and most of them glide into OW when they attack it I mean I would do that if we wouldnt be on red team as long as its possible, because why not The only thing where I was wrong is that I thought you were the ranger in the vid, my "dude chill etc." were all aiming at the /say chat + angry /w that got cut off in this video supposedly you are not^^
  2. GlideDara + FoW - BBcarts - Plebbi + GH

    ye i know ^^ i saw the famous farming ephoraz vid multiple times just dont know why this case is a problem for sarah when every other server does it atm
  3. GlideDara + FoW - BBcarts - Plebbi + GH

    dude chill its a feature anet brought in for a short time :DD every server is using this method atm Not even bugusing as you dont glitch through walls or something, its just gliding your reports wont even do anything because anet will ignore them in this case as its perfectly okay to do that until they will lower that hill to make gliding impossible EDIT: duuude its 6pm primetime and you still on ebg as ranger...cmon get some brain and switch to borders or to another class thats more fun to play in a blob as ranger (hint: ele)
  4. New Xpac features TL;DR

    ye only 1 spec at a time (you can only use the third traitline for the specs) holosmith uses sword and gets "conjured" weapons I think the "single dodge" refers to the mirage as they wont dodge anymore but instead have a blur effect which lets the attack go right through their body Spellbreaker gonna be fun to play if he really has a boonrip+magic-nullifying aoe (should be the aoe showed in the vid) Weaver is def power/condi hybrid, saw a stream where weaver was played and most of the skills from sword and the new skills were focused on both stats (1 trait was that you get vita based on power and condi (each 5%))
  5. Gandara-SFR-Frenchies

    yey sfr is ppting enough for 2nd place and RS is moving up to us, thats gonna be a nice week
  6. I plan on leaking Builds of a Famous guild

  7. I plan on leaking Builds of a Famous guild

    cmon throw those metabattle builds at us I dare you
  8. Gandara-SFR-Frenchies

    question for sfr peeps, on which map was your "strongest blob" on reset? Because ppl told me after my lead not to worry about getting destroyed ´cause sfr had strongest blob on ebg with Love or w/e the name is judging from my fights on ebg and gbl scare had the strongest one
  9. Gandara-SFR-Frenchies

    i quickly took over ebg 1h after reset as keep was in danger and ppl had no tag, didnt went so well except for fights with AR SFR was too strong on ebg at that time, nice meleeblob there^^ couldnt do shit with my rusty leading and a range blob and 25 in ts seems like i forgot again that ebg is bad at reset and I shouldnt be there until like 3-4h after reset when ppl arent that afk like at the beginning :DD
  10. were to go next

    too soon man...too soon RIP
  11. Gandara - PS - SFR

    too bad we get frenchies next week instead of RS lets see how the new french link is doing
  12. were to go next

  13. Gandara - PS - SFR

    we need a gvg between Ez and Ez to prove who is the better Ez
  14. Gandara - PS - SFR

    its just because I am not online so enjoy your gank time with piken