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  1. they running away from you throwing those bad builds at them
  2. at 4-5am? 900deaths seems plausible if out of those 15-20 players (on all maps together) 8-9 are dying every minute for it to reach 450deaths every hour i am not pulling out some conspiracy theories and stuff but just wondering why fsp suddenly has a 4-5am crew as the numbers spiked in the last 2 days, every skirmish before and in the weeks before were pretty normal
  3. funny thing is, this thing started like 2 days ago at skirmish #31 before that it was normal (between 1-2 for fsp and around the same 0,7-1,6 for gandara)
  4. this is really weird, whatever dont care every day at 5am getting like 1k kills when there are maybe 20+ standing around on all maps I guess I am gonna check out this time on friday when I have to get up early
  5. fsp teamchat without the AH recruitment text? thats rare
  6. never saw teamchat being so salty, 4-5 guys telling to pinsnipe because "other servers doing it too, why we not doing it excessively too" and other ppl holding against it and getting flamed lul FeelsBadMan
  7. anet just made it easier for a server to drop ranks just be 3rd and you are already in t2 and so on
  8. probs drunk ppl accidentally falling to death on desert border
  9. thats just the part where they attacked the keep, plenty other fights outside
  10. lol you are just turning your back on what fsp does all the time, like usual here some salt for ya BIG TIME FAILED doubleteaming on ebg since noon thx to Sky from Deso and Androuw/AH guys from FSP for all that loot and laughs we had on ts #KazoCarry
  11. why is everyone from fsp writing that ebg doesnt count, is it because fsp (and deso) blobs there are getting farmed as soon as a decent com like for example somebody from Kazo tags up and leads for some hours there oh wait yea ofc its the pve guys and noobs that are running around there without ts and stuff...we (fsp) dont care about those, we just ignore everything coming from ebg because its no skill there etc I am pretty sure you had a ts com yesterday around midnight who did well in fights too
  12. Kappa, are you still getting farmed by gandara and kazo on ebg? nice fights on ebg around midnight and later, I enjoyed the Kazo carry there
  13. Deso, how about you tell those weird NEIC guys to stop building acs when they are already teaming up with KISS and pugs on ebg ;P
  14. Shmead is better than me, thats for sure but that would probs count for nearly every fight com on gandara compared to me ^^ I am old and rusty af