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  1. thats not 4 acs, its 6 of ´em potato quality
  2. hm lets wait several days into this matchup, wanna see how those deso guilds are doing (except KISS ofc) any guilds that are doing serious raids on deso/kodash?
  3. FFS ANET Nourdin, doesnt look like we get our matchup soon
  4. well then you dont remember at all^^ it wasnt a guildraid anyways that shit is several months ago
  5. thought the RoF thread was pure salt but daaaamn son, this thread beats everything right now
  6. loool well that gandara "blob" had to be those ppl standing in sm, if it´s the same like when I went offline 30min before that^^ btw piken why is everybody leaving your server?
  7. sry cant do anything about this, they werent that salty last time i mean bvb ;P aaah the good ol´ RS times when we all were on old forums
  8. Anet should close gandara/UW right now for this link, before those cancer guys are moving to us just because we #1 after this week if it stays like this now happy to know we will have all that salt/com sniping/cancer/flames etc next week Bjiuu´s "y u add in fight, I snipe you now, we better than u" whispers incoming
  9. reviving this thread thx to Vibe for the 10rounds scrim, we are slowly getting back into raids with 15+ after being between roaming and guildraid size all the time just a single torment rev changed the length of each round from the 5th round on..too OP..from 5-10min battles to just 2-4min or so
  10. axe 3 OP I am srsly considering to keep using axe/axe, hammer in guildraids since skill 5 is pretty nice on point and to get out fast while doing dmg, also that 15x whirl combo is nice but yea gs/hammer still nice roaming is gonna be hammer, axe/shield or axe/axe, axe/shield triple axe power!! nah just for solo and duels
  11. its just f1 from gs and mace and headbutt/shield bash basically xx/shield, gs is fucked in solo roaming when you are up against good players but axe and hammer is working fine, more solo target pressure than aoe dmg but strong Just play with hammer and whatever you want and I am using eviscerate instead of berserk skill as it does more dmg, all my primal rage bursts are mostly on hammer now good thing: you cant spam arc divider bad thing: you cant spam arc divider
  12. my warrior... I packed out my 2nd axe today and it was pretty fun to have self quickness for controlled bursts
  13. chak weapons...
  14. Maybe T2,5 but not T1 for sure
  15. oh somebody took the time to upvote all posts from hidey