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  1. What is your obsession with me? I downvoted you a couple of times a few months back, and you keep dragging my name in here. While I stopped posting on these forums ages ago. I guess trying to organise Desolation as a community makes me the most toxic person in game. Cheers. If you have problems with me, go to your guildleader Battlebug, who doesn't seem to mind me at all.
  2. were to go next

    You guys know that you can just log out and just go back to the official forums if you don't like how the cancer forums work. This place is created for trashtalking and you're not forced to actually be here.

    Here the underwater fight from saturday against Chris before the normal BvBs. Love, pigface.

    Also pretty funny underwater fight

    True, I think in this case it's mostly Anet not knowing how to properly link servers.

    Its not TT/Ez fault, they just took a chance on Vabbi. It's the still ongoing bandwagon looking for gold at the end of the rainbow that followed, that is the problem. Also as I am not from FSP, am I allowed to complain? :^)

    Let's all stack on one server so we can have one big circle jerk and not have proper fights because we outnumber everyone ammirite :^)

    Sup sugartits, so much reading material already and we have barely started this matchup. Nice to finally face FSP without their link as an equal server, curious to see how that plays out during the rest of the week. Also, seems like some players from Vabbi don't realise they outnumber both Deso and FSP at the moment. Too bad, because WvW will always be a numbers game.
  9. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    Ikr, people qq too much about trivial things.
  10. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    Special snowflake alert again. PSA: Every server double teams once in a while, who cares. I've seen enough double teaming from all 3 servers the past matchups. Deso, FSP and Gandara equally as much. Some say it's strategic, others say it's a pussy move. Get over it, move on and farm twice as much bags.
  11. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    We can't handhold and run multiple groups on a map, if there aren't other guilds/groups present to handhold with. And you should know we don't have those, as you bandwagoned to vabbi the moment our population/activity dropped again. You got a point, but deso doesn't have the commanders/people to organise properly for all four maps. Especially not on the desert (our current home) map.
  12. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    Thanks for understanding, and it was exactly as you said it. Last night on desert borderland was only my guild with max. 23 people and pugs trying to defend against two 50+ blobs. We don't like running away from a fight and the few ACs and iron hide were just a necessary evil to try to make it more even. The moment the fights looked equal, we stopped building the extra siege. Even though we were getting our asses kicked, the fights were pretty good.
  13. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    Seriously guys, EVERY single server puts a shitload of defensive siege in their T3 keeps. Don't act like a special snowflake who thinks their server would never do such a thing. And yes, Deso has been praying to drop a tier, but the matchup Gods hate us. We just don't have the population to fight stacked servers like Gandara and FSP.
  14. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    NEIC is a new guild... Don't really know what they are up to. Nice fights in Gandara Borderland tonight, cheers.