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  1. Tesko je napraviti Balkan guild u WvW tako da svaka cast na pokusaju!
  2. A cuj to ja kad sam vristao po mapi u WvW puno nas je bilo, ali cuj.. Vecina ljudi je vec po gildama mozda zato. Nista ako se uputite jednog dana u vode scrimova i GvG nadam se da cemo se sresti!
  3. Koliko vas je sada? Jeste krenuli sa WvW raidovima? Imate dosta nasih na Desolationu.. Vidim da niste objavili na kojem ste serveru pa vam ja preporucam Deso. Sretno!
  4. Bump. If you/your guild haven't been reached out regarding joining this organization by me or Roy that prolly means we do not have your contact info or simply do not know you are active/coming back. Contact me any time here, private msg me or whisper/mail ingame. Domi.4106 / Doc Holiday.1326
  5. We have also made a discord server where all members of guilds that will be in Guilds of the Mists can join. It will be up for public soon (few days). At this moment we are getting people who we know are going to be part of it so we have less work to do when it is open for everyone.
  6. Greetings! Guilds of the Mists will be a place for all guild leaders/officers of GvG/WvW orientated guilds. It will be a place for guilds to contact each other, find each other’s raid schedules and set up GvGs. It will also be a place through which GvG Tournaments will be organized. If you can get 15 or more people online for fights and you are interested in GvGs and scrims (2 or more times per week) please contact me back via mail or whisper @ Domi.4106 or contact Roy @Doc Holiday.1326 -Domi/Roy
  7. Message to both existing and returning WvW/GvG guilds Hello, My name is Domi, for those who don’t know me, I, along with Roy, organized the two gvg tournaments the last year . I will try to keep this as simple and as short as possible. With the new expansion on the horizon, there is already quite a bit of hype, and I think this is a great time to talk about 2 topics; another GvG tournament, and organizing WvW guilds’ raiding schedules. WvW/GvG guilds organization I want to try and get as many guilds to organize their WvW raid schedule to be in sync with other guilds. My goal is to try and get as many guilds as possible to raid on at least 2 of the same days, so we can achieve more fights and with that more fun. Now I do realize that this might be difficult to do, due to the availability of certain people in each guild, and therefore they might not have enough people to raid on specific days and such. But I would at least like to give it a shot. So what I want from you guys is to spread the word around to your guild leaders, to other guilds you know will be returning because of the expansion and even to the pugs - just go around and talk about it so we can get organized the best way we can. We will come up with a schedule of sorts, or possibly use the same spreadsheet we used to use, and reach out you guys soon. GvG Tournaments We will be creating more GvG Tournaments after the expansion is released. What I want to know now is, do you guys want to have 1 last HoT tournament before PoF expansion hits? There won’t be rewards but there will be giveaways during the stream. When I usually talk about GvG tournaments I always say that they should be as competitive as possible but at this moment I don’t really care about that. I think the goal of this tournament would be for guilds to discover state of their “skill” before expansion and just to squeeze as much fun out of it as possible. If most guilds would prefer to wait until after PoF that is fine as well, as I said, we will definitely be creating another tournament for after the expansion. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to pm me @ Domi.4106 or Roy @ Doc Holiday.1326 Thanks, and we’re excited to see so many guilds returning to the game! Cheers!
  8. Whats wrong with fanboying Ash? I am doing it since i first met them in WvW. 2nd best 4ever <3