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  1. Bratwurstside-Moapeaks-Jizzsea

  2. Bratwurstside-Moapeaks-Jizzsea

    Lel Shox went full german on sum RS morning karma trainer, someone call the Americans, we need some democracy here...
  3. I'm on GW break, I never go on forum break. Miss me shitter? <3
  4. Gundaranz stop shittalking ma guild and keybind your dodge. Luv ya all xoxoxo
  5. That's the guy that farmed shit out of you like 5 out of 7 nights last MU. Word is on FSP he has dodge keybinded to V. Sorcery.
  6. SO to ma boi Jamie, cya at ruins for some rev vs rev roleplay. Xoxo
  7. Oh, please, tell me more about "basic sense of positioning and dodging" so I can take some notes. You should maybe add some instructions to your videos. Ty
  8. Stfu german shitter git gud boiiii
  9. RoF vs FSP vs KD

    So, you're sayin' that in like 5 hours time on reset you didn't get the chance to actually leave your garri and try open field? Kewl.
  10. RoF vs FSP vs KD

    Was fun reset on Kodash bl. Had some nice fights with RoF on south ruins, too bad Kodash wouldn't go fight out of the ac range but nevermind, it's a long week. Would like to thank RoF commander for fair BvB and Falfa for rallybotin' on engage.
  11. SFR - FSP - Baruch

    Fckin Kill players always suck at counting...
  12. SFR - FSP - Baruch

    You forgot to tell us how many kills you had yesterday Shox. Wait, I'll do it for ya:
  13. FSP v Gankdara v Piken

    We can pull 25-35 so should be nice fights if BB guilds team up against us. Tnx for heads-up Myrmi. Cheers
  14. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Haven't seen that amount of dickholding in long time. Piken and Gandara fully stacked at 900 range waiting for opportunity to sandwich FSP. Wonder how did you explain to all those PvErs who are they suppose to attack. Nevertheless, was good challenge to hold that bay at psbl against 2 zone blobs. Cheers o/ SO to Jd
  15. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    Dang this forum rly has some "alternate reality" scent to it. If I haven't played the whole reset, I would have thought that FSP got farmed hard, wonder where did all those kills and k/d ratio came from. Hacks? Anyways, had great time fighting Gandara on desert bl. Cheers o/