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  1. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    condi lagfest = good fights, aight then
  2. Wouldn't have it any other way. You're easy to farm AND easy to trigger. Would be a shame if you disbanded the guild
  3. @Potassium chloride Don't mind primaklima, he's mentally challenged
  4. You right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXQkXXBqj_U
  5. Stepping in to protect your boyfriend? Cute
  6. I assume the zerg that's busted in this case is your own?
  7. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    Riverside is already polluted with shit players from lower ranked german servers who jumped the wagon months ago, why would you care about getting a linked server at this point. Maybe RS could actually offer some coverage outside of prime and early morning, because right now you're active for about 2-3 hours a day and spend the rest wanking over your amazing gameplay. Snorefest much.
  8. were to go next

    unlike your guild
  9. were to go next

    "Hey all, So as you all are aware there are no rules and it will stay that way. I don't care what you say or post here and mostly all of you are just carrying on with daily posting. However, if you deliberately try to get me to shut down functionality then you will be banned permanently."

    we both played DH in sPvP

    what is that even supposed to mean

    Props to Rav for taking the 1v1. Told him to keep the 100g; thought he was just gonna dodge the fight after calling me a skill clicking ranger in fear of losing, but having the 1v1s was payment enough. Guess a little bit of misjudgement in that regard. Still wanna see that even numbers from Bez and Rav, tho.

    You are about as smart as a piece of dogshit, lmao Also 0/3 hits on those assumptions Keep dodging eachother boys, goes to show how much you shit yourself just thinking about going even numbers Also, 1vs1, winner gets 100g?