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  1. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Caught it today on Video, will send to Anet, I have my doubts tho. They must have been reported countless times since reset and they are still around. It has calmed down a little bit, but there is no telling when will the retards start all over for no reason. When it was still going it reverted to them spamming emotes when they see me cause they are afraid to talk in the game....
  2. Desolation-Riverside-RIng of Fire

    PVE expansion dropped. No commander now has enough people to form a strong group capable of facing even under average pug blob of the enemy. And those few who you have are the PVE players that bought (or returned to) the game for the expansion trying WVW now, aka are on average worse than French pugs. Its GG for Deso for now.
  3. Well Deso held T1 for a long time just thx to night ppt farming. But nobody does that anymore so the real "skill" shows now. I wish they remade the point system to make kills and wins matter more than they do so the Tiers would reflect skill some more.
  4. The fate of servers with links is IMHO bound to that link. Look at Vabi, the moment they got bad link their small yet mostly high quality population was not enough to do anything. + Also count the people that change servers like you change socks depending on who does well ATM. The servers stopped to matter the moment links started. If you face FSP now and 2, months from now chances are it will be 50+% different people.
  5. You mean the less than 10 guys over here. My shame is off the charts!
  6. Well its the usual flame trash of this forum. Nothing notable of that. A noble existence such as myself cares little off the ramblings of a foreign peasant.
  7. Unfortunately true. The evenings are rather boring now. shame you got wiped so bad last week that we ended up here.
  8. Well, imagine I started attacking you and your guild tomorrow. Would you also "be adult and not respond"? Doubt that. I think you would "give a fuck". Until they apologize for what they did there is no reason to stop.
  9. Dont bend reality, you are the bastarts that started everything and not just against us. Its just that the few of us are here to flame you back. You attacked me and me long time ago, when I was lvl 1 you started to be precise cause I dared to click on the first day of playing and make videos back then . I started flaming you when I was already 100+ dowvotes from you and most importantly after dye joined in and you started attacking the whole guild. I originally did not even knew who you were and why you attacked us. Now I know, you are the cancer my poop-lady. After what Dye said about you being trolls doing it on purpose there is no going back. Its ok to flame you cause you want to be approached that way, the troll way.
  10. Yeah, we do damage by being nice to people and welcoming everyone who is willing to give it a shot..... how evil of us.
  11. IT is a guild where the most toxic players of deso gather. Constantly attacking everyone around them, basically the population of this forum incarnate. They even make alt accounts jut to attack people so it cannot be associated with them easily. Even their leaders, like one of unfortunately Deso's most active commanders Dye openly admits they are like that, and when he is not with his cocsuckers he sometimes personally goes around harassing other guilds when they raid. Other people will fallow you in their off time dropping sieges on you when you go downstate so you cannot be ressed, dropping sieges on tractivators on your BL so they can flame you later for not using them. Its like the bottom dump of GW2 WvW, total shit incarnate that guild. Even here most of the downvotes come from them, they make alt account just to do that even here, like the "Meta Abiding Deso player" or "Sov is wrong" and others. The most toxic individuals in the actual game are Dye the char, Monica, Snail enthusiast and Im Z. On top of that crap on surface the pretend to be nice community guild and recruit openly. So people drop right in to that crap and as a result tend to abandon the whole thing. Some of their members even tell me they have to disable guildchat sometimes cause how crap it gets yet for some reason they stay cause I have few friedns here too and not everyone here is like this.... gosh, this crap. Be glad its not on your server. Kiss is not even scratching that level. They play selfish and mostly wipe, but they do not do community-wide damage ihmo.
  12. Oh, Deso has 2 people I do not like! Lets call them autistic and blame server crap on them while ignoring the LOOK trolls that drove hundreds of players away already cause they act the same shitty way in game as they do on salt forums. If you want autist list there are tons of people doing the autist REEEEEE spam screeches I can give you a list you can pick from.
  13. Ohhh. Im already trembling.... No really FSP did 24/7 PPT, they did not farm unless having full blob v s guild group, which could have happened as they had full blob on every bl every time, but no real exceptional skills to be noted.
  14. Not if you ask like that. You guys always attack us and than "can you just fuck off". Use brain, do not attack us next time, we never are the first to flame.
  15. Well he is not a forum troll pretending he is something else or big, that's thew difference. And I don't even care about him. Why would I judge people that are not assholes.