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  1. Deso v FSp vs AR

    Those are some terrible excuses since after defeating everyone on that BL, you finally double-teamed whole 2 blobs against us so we went home to defend hills and stayed there for more bags. GG anyway, you tried, this was not your day.
  2. Deso v FSp vs AR

    Off course you cant. You are a slacker. You only play like 10+ hours a day 4-6 of that commanding EVERY SINLGE DAY. So bad.... Btw another day of good fights on HBLK and green BL.
  3. Deso v FSp vs AR

    Good fights yesterday on EB. Except the skilllag (well EB) it was one of the best evenings in a long time.
  4. Deso v FSp vs AR

    Don't scare them away! Keep them coming, it was pretty good.
  5. Jade Sea vs Deso vs Piken

    Yep, was better than the last one. Here we actually had some decent fights here and there. Nothing to write home about but still GG.
  6. Legendary PVP/WVW armor upgrades + WVW Gliding ...

    OK, so played with this for the first time, and I think the gliders are so far ok. 0 skills, and they do not feel disruptive.
  7. Resistance is futile, nameless and cursed one. I have ascended, none shall stand before me! Especially not those impostors!
  8. You..... You are a bunch of impostors! The only true Salt guild plays on Deso. You are a spawn of heresy! Prepare yourself for violent purge (provided Anet matches u s in the future).
  9. The only thing Iv noticed when moving from PTV to Cele based setup was slightly lower damage and slightly better healing on my part. Slightly, nothing to write home about. If everyone has cele I guess the healing counts up together.
  10. were to go next

    Wait.... you guys are saying that you would not get so triggered to assign people to be my personal fanboys and bodyguards? How dare you!
  11. were to go next

    Ty for trying to ruin our drunk raid by just being a twat and dropping sieges on our downies so people could not revive, whatever man, it was a drunk raid. But still going around and sabotaging Deso squads, are you nuts? Were you also the ones who dropped balistas to drain supplies in the past? Would not be surprised after today.
  12. were to go next

    Its nice to see the good people leaving you. Soon, only the assholes will remain, nice and packed together that none misses them.
  13. were to go next

    Yeah, you will see the onslaught if you try to be nice to people that the assholes here hate, or if you publicly play in not 100% optimal way. This place is shit, trust me.
  14. were to go next

    I also just wanted to be part of the community and look. If you want to be, be on your server, this is not a good place.
  15. Zodin is also a roamer and veteran player. Dunno why are you even trying to compare us. It would take me years to get to his level, if ever.