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  1. Team Rush came back as a guild after try harding in the name of micheladas [TACO], of course I had to join the guild and I did but I started slacking as hell... When I started playing again, the challenge was real, good level of players and good mentality. We have overcome to big issues and thats the reason that I have decided to upload a "tribute" vid. Hope you like it and enjoy it! Special thanks to Flekersito! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyW4b2k2XcM
  2. [vE] - The end

    After finishing our way throught the gvg scene and wvw, I felt nostalgia about those times so I searched in my computer and I saved these clips. Hope you enjoy them! At last but not least, thanks to all my guild mates for being that way and special thanks to Bladie for being an awesome driver and person!