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  1. Mag - BG - SOS

    Mag gets outblobbed or mag outblobbs. There's nothing in between.
  2. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Do you need a crystal ball when you can see you've got 2:1 numbers? Other than that, Mag just picks off backline and runs off. We all know there is no commander running smaller groups there.
  3. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    This sums it up nicely. Mag will do anything to save KDR. They won't fight unless they know they will win.
  4. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    You're missing the point. To keep it simple - "Mag is tanking" translates to "Mag is losing".
  5. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    You would expect diversity in that big population for sure. Plenty of pvers there.
  6. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Hmm, Mag preserves k/d for sure. But has gone downhill recently. Mag is not capable of beating anyone. Trolling is not beating. Mag just pokes and runs in all directions. I know I'm generalizing Mag, just like you did for BG. Surely a guild or two can fight. But then, Mag is tanking (i.e. hiding when losing). Understandable. You guys treat each other as shit. You can't ever live happily together for long.
  7. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    There is talent, and there there is no talent. Pretty much on every server. Don't fool yourself. Don't be jelous of the coverage and QQ. But then, it happens all the time.
  8. DB - FA - BG tier 1

  9. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Firstly, He/She claims to be a She. Name is CiCi. Basically, you're wasting your time. This person is braindead.
  10. BG-FA-JQ

    Ruin manners derived from table manners. We are good hosts on our borderland.
  11. BG-FA-JQ

    Aww. I'm gonna have to agree on that one.
  12. BG-FA-JQ

    FA T1 QQ week begins.
  13. BG-JQQ-YB

    Similar numbered pug zerg Vs a guild group. BG group wasn't even in TS then.
  14. BG-MAG-JQQ

    Its OK. I'll leave the high energy effort for you. It is an uphill battle anyway.