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  1. Check above for further information.
  2. Gandara - Gunnaabi - BB

    Hi Shino! RoF
  3. RoF vs Gandara vs DL

    It seems another keyboard warrior here. I dont care about what you are saying cuz you looks like a real garbage. According to your post i just can say you dont have a social life. You just came here to make some fun/bullying ppl with your shitty mouth.I really feel sorry for you but unfortunately there is nothing i can do for you. Please go find something else to make fun. This thread is already over. Oh and if you are still considering about our 1v1 skill you can add anyone of us in-game and ask for duel if you have some balls tho. If you keep talking like a shit here you wont get reply from us. You can increase your autism level by yourself. GL
  4. RoF vs Gandara vs DL

    Sylvari thief here. I didnt want to post any shit here but there we go.. That elementalist you were trying to kill he is my friend and we were in same squad/party so i was protecting him there. You can clearly see i didnt gank you there i just stopped you to attack him. Other thing you came to WC(Wildcreek) and i killed you there and i BMD you cuz of your salty shit messages in forum and your shitty burn guard build which is LAME THAN ANY OTHER BUILDS IN GAME .Well if you are blind or your brain perceive the thing in your way i cant do anything about it. Thats all from me PZ.
  5. Hello everyone, we are Meta Apes [mA]. Meta Apes is a recently formed Underworld-based hardcore WvW guild (Linked with Vabbi). We are currently looking for dedicated and experienced WvW veterans to complete our raiding and scrim roster. Raids take place on Monday through Thursday evenings, starting at 19:30 UK time, and will usually consist of 15-20 players max. Additionally, each week we try to schedule at least 2-3 GvG/scrims, against both matchup specific opponents in OS and top-tier European guilds in Guild Hall. We try to maintain a fun, drama-free atmosphere during raids, but also remain serious and dedicated during any fights or GvG’s we have. Our expectations from all members. You need a working headset/microphone, and must be able to understand and communicate in English on TS during raids. Builds for whichever class(es) you are applying for must be changed to align with guild builds (Many of our builds are somewhat flexible armor-wise to account for expensive/hard-to-get stats) Must be able to attend 3 or 4 raids each week. Everyone should be at raids slightly early to ensure you don’t get stuck in queue, as well as to attend any pre-raid meetings we might have. Must show improvement and a willingness to learn and adapt, as well as the ability to both give and receive constructive criticism in a respectful way. Drama will not be tolerated. Trial Process. All trials will last for 2 weeks if you’re application is accepted. Participants must show that they have at least some knowledge of how an organized guild raid works, and must be able to adapt and show improvement throughout the trial. Attendance is very important during trial phase, you must show up at least 3 times each week, and you should be on time for each raid you attend. Communication is key, and will improve your chances of being accepted as a raider. Anyone who attempts to start any kind of drama will be kicked immediately. After 2 weeks, guild officers and raiders will discuss your performance and vote whether or not you will be accepted as a full member. We are currently recruiting for a select few classes, but are always looking for exceptional players to join our ranks. If you are interested, please fill out an application by using our website , or by messaging roxz.6123 in game. http://metapes.shivtr.com/ Currently Recruiting : 2 Guardian 1 Necromancer 1 Warrior 1 Engineer Any other guilds wishing to set up a GvG or Scrim with us should whisper roxz.6123 in game. Here is our Multi PoV of last 2 months fights.. Peace Enjoy.