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  1. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Och mal so mal so. Gestern war sehr spontan. Glaub der nächste ist für Samstag angedacht aber mal gucken ob das was wird wegen dem Addon und so.
  2. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Stealth + Disabler.
  3. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Well it is what it is. They would if they could...
  4. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    I swear its not my fault! Trust me
  5. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Source: https://wvwstats.com/leaderboard
  6. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Out of curiosity: what exactly is AM's [GOTT] guild?
  7. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Because we had enough heal and i played with radiance trait.
  8. Premium Baggies - Drakkars - Abadöners

    Pretty much. Highlight of the day:
  9. Biweekly Oktoberfest. I need beer. Alot.
  10. Shitty Red BL - Ruins of Gunfire - Dzagaddons

    Well since we cant out-PPT #14 we can use the desert BL for fighting. Could be worse, like seriously defending dusty shit.
  11. Shitty Red BL - Ruins of Gunfire - Dzagaddons

    Absolutely nothing. In case you're wondering how your ingame complaints are processed: int fwd_player_complaint_to_support(COMPLAINT_t *comp_ptr) { return EXIT_SUCCESS; }
  12. Shitty Red BL - Ruins of Gunfire - Dzagaddons

    Same here. I remember our commander spike-dropped once pretty early at the necro-necro tower. You know, the eastern. The 2nd bad luck was were we lost 10 ppl due to falling damage (sloppy play ). Our squad continuously scaled between 40 and 50 (+randoms w/o voice chat) because ppl left, ppl joined. Well seeya guys next week/matchup *salute*
  13. Shitty Red BL - Ruins of Gunfire - Dzagaddons

    Thanks for the fights on ER BL. [ILL] publilc never ceases to satisfy me. At least some fun in this rotting tier. We had "little" manpower issues at the end but a great evening overall