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  1. [AmP] Amplified Wrath PoF Promo

    Sexy stuff <3 Greetings to joey
  2. General WvW Fights

    I bet enigma is on vabbi if he is feeling this ":D", but I agree...many guilds play it very safe nowdays, feels almost like if it aint a safe win they wont even go for it, especially if they know its a really good its mostly a dodge, but...there are some guilds who just yolo and go for it, u normally learn more from a loss than victory, all our scrimms have been against good guilds and got our ass fucked, but we had more fun that way when its been a challenge than just playing safe : )
  3. why do u think they raid in ebg nowdays?
  4. meh...most stupid guild ive ever seen in a game =) I guess u enjoy the attention, you dont get it in other ways
  5. yeah zenith u dont do damage, ur shit guild is reason why many left...YOUR the cancer of Desolation
  6. wtf zenith? Sov is taiwanchinese some shit, looks like nicest man on earth and even my woman got manlier voice than him HAAHAHAHHA
  7. them 14 year old girl fanbois sov
  8. Shitty Red BL - Ruins of Gunfire - Dzagaddons

    yes been fun to watch iLL doing some good work! keep it up guys! much love. <3
  9. I will never go back to deso aslong this sov retard is there =) he will interupt all openraids you know with his shit guild just having fun atm on RoS and focusing on guildraids =)
  10. Yeah outsiders mean nothing still you spend half your day here protecting longbow guardians
  11. dudu...u are too old for this shit! <3
  12. well I guess I got some drama done, ty Sov for participating, and all others Now lets go back and being scrubs as we are. #daedgaem
  13. Cock sucking piece of shit eating troll is happy <3
  14. Sov nice ragequit from ebg
  15. look at all these longbow dragonhunters defending eachother, keep goin trying to beat the meta