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  1. 100g that bijuu soon on vabbi
  2. heedless chickens, do u even try bro? too much weed again?
  4. Yeah welcome to Desolation, U have alot of GvG players, we dont...thats why I wanted some "room" so there are room for mistakes, We fought all the time for 2 hours : ) and yes im trying to improve the server everytime I log in : ) 40 guardians was sarcasm if u did not understand, wanted some openspace so both servers can max their strenght, and in the end whoever won pushed towards enemy spawn.
  5. telling someone that you are like bijuuu, is prolly the worst u can say to anyone.
  6. back to ebg scrub
  7. but yeah I will be honest and I hope nobody get butthurt : ) against other servers fights are fair, but oh god when FSP lose some fights, they start linking their moas, I was tagged for around 5 hours last time, first 3 hours I lost everyfight, closer to primetime got finally a full squad and alot of people on TS, won around 50% of the fights...one fight won was enough for FSP to start whispering me about commander focus? for real? in the meantime I love FSP, dont really matter what time u log in u can have some nice fights, but u have alot of retarded people on that server...Bijuu stop being a fanboy.
  8. Why QQ about being moad, when moad -> start think of chicken -> hungry -> healthy lifestyle, hail fsp
  9. FSP cry when no fights, FSP cry when fights, are u retarded or something? Hi.
  10. Thanks for the fights during the day =) im sorry it did go to comm focus in the end, but good fights overall. <3
  11. Cheers for the fights this morning <3 hotswap will be running on deso till primetime so log in and fight us :3
  12. stop this rape! I dont have Desolotion for everyone...
  13. dude im black is this a problem??? gonna steal some camps of ya thats what we do..
  14. Dont know what to say, Some commanders get deso organized and provide good fights, but I told deso before FSP matchup, not many will tag up during the week vs fsp..people are afraid of getting wiped and think wipe makes them a bad commander, I was ready to get wiped entire evening and hoping that server will improve but it did end better than I belived =) We have potential but I guess we lack the pugsmanders we need vs FSP, good week overall, alot of wipes...but deso havent been in T1 in long time so we have to learn all the stuff again.
  15. haha nice screenshot biju : ) Joey is the guy who teached me fully, its never commander focus, its defensive wellbombs =) Joey has always been my favorite open comm, im happy that I could follow him and that he always gave some tips : ) Joey if u read this I still remember all this <3