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  1. I will send Sov a bottle of rum when he win a gvg.
  2. Nice video, ur improving : ) gj I see u have orb of light on CD all the time, use it more : ) otherwise wp
  3. I decided to only follow commanders on deso before I left, I was fucking BORED...Dye was pretty much the only guy who got stuff organised and got something done, Sov again I dont remember him win a single fucking fight, always bad movement, never people on TS, just shitty clownfiesta : ) Biggest problem with him was that he never improved, Dye again always understood what did go wrong, Sov blamed numbers and no people on TS, boring monotone shit so u fall asleep : ) Deso was my home for so long, but even I left it cuz of people like you, Think leading 12hours a day make u the king of the server and trashtalk others, meanwhile u havent improved a single fucking bit since u started commanding, One of the worst commanders I have seen in this game, there is a reason good players are leaving I dont care what people think about me after reading this, But sov is a trash commander and will always be : )
  4. my mother told to not bully the special people, leave bijuu alone! <3
  5. Bez is just a massive fucking tard, nobody take him serious
  6. FunnySunnyBunny?
  7. the feeling when u have outnumber buff with 30 in squad 1 PM...haha u got ques 24/7?
  8. Some people go T1 server to search for glory and easymode, some guys go Vabbi and get decent numbers in short time on the server : ) So I think we have got pretty far as a fresh server! My last train on this game will be destroying FSP, im happy that work is soon done for this summer and I can start working on my "goal" FSP IM COMING FOR YOU <3 little banter : )))
  9. So many chickens in this world to eat and people are bashing here on forums? Who cares if sov is shit or not?
  10. I gotta agree that gandara loves siege alot, but what the fuck? this happens to any 1# server and all the ppt heroes go there, but primetime have been really nice : ) lots of guilds and action, I know this is a salt forum, but its a nice matchup and u guys whine too much <3
  11. 100g that bijuu soon on vabbi
  12. heedless chickens, do u even try bro? too much weed again?
  14. Yeah welcome to Desolation, U have alot of GvG players, we dont...thats why I wanted some "room" so there are room for mistakes, We fought all the time for 2 hours : ) and yes im trying to improve the server everytime I log in : ) 40 guardians was sarcasm if u did not understand, wanted some openspace so both servers can max their strenght, and in the end whoever won pushed towards enemy spawn.
  15. telling someone that you are like bijuuu, is prolly the worst u can say to anyone.