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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    Reminds me of a random Commander defending his autistic guildie who posted some hilarious videos...
  2. Poor DL gettin focused

    Hm, guess that's not dumb after all - I'll go do my crybaby on official forums and I'll get enough bags of salt mailed to buy a legendary... Hype!
  3. Poor DL gettin focused

    Khm okay so, seems poor Drakkar Fake gettin focused by those mean Gankdara & Pikeys... Pliz ANet do something or I'll tell it to Mum!!!
  4. WvW 2017 | What is left of

    Veteran Archers are OP. Pliz ANet nerf!!!!!
  5. Ahoy les FR, cela vous arrive-t'il de combattre à nombres égales ou votre spécialité c'est le téléport express? Le Grand Vizuh... pathétique, heureux de ne pas avoir transferé mon alt chez vous à l'époque. Aside that ouiouibaguette stuff, GL&HF
  6. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Not as a server. Up to you to help to find and report them as any decent server did in the past.
  7. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Hai SFR, 'd be e naice from you to report to ANet the hackers (Live & Stormleg guild) who flipped WC&Jerry and tried Aldons like, some min ago. Wasn't fast enough to block them so no acc name for me Ty, GL&HF
  8. GlideDara + FoW - BBcarts - Plebbi + GH

    "There is she. We change the targets. We need to go kill that guy." "we dont care about you, you are not special" Hmmmmmooookay.
  9. GlideDara + FoW - BBcarts - Plebbi + GH

    @Polish: duuuude, chill it's Sarah!! (well, almost sure)
  10. Gankdara - SFR - Rivercart

    Nice reset. Cheers to SFR home border crew (you clearly dominated the fights, was funny structure-defense-wise tough) & RS GBL crew as they were respectively the strongest opponents (till later & hopping of the SFR Ash/Ez zerg). Gandara, or atleast myself, wiped & got wiped but had lots of fun.
  11. Gandara-SFR-Frenchies

    ^ Cheers to the EB SFR crew this a/noon, awesome fights! (and a wink to Scare )
  12. Gandara-SFR-Frenchies

    Guess AR is a Canadian server now as at 0300 this morning they had the numbers they did not provide at prime... Cheers to the SFR nightcrew I guess all online folks came to save your T3 Hills, nice quick response.
  13. FSP - Gandara - GH

    Mate. I do have a few year's experience in WvW. I remember the average GH/Vabbi (esp since the bandwaggoon episode) quality. I for myself do admit being sometimes carried by the team. Your vid shows clearly that you do a less-than-average job on your guard. So why the hell are you posting that gameplay on the salt-forums? Some mazochist tendencies maybe? With a play like that you obviously are carried.
  14. FSP - Gandara - GH

    You're welcome.
  15. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    You're welcome bois. W be naice to whisper a Gandara Commander about tough so he/she leads elsewhere on the border and the horde lets you have your fun...