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  1. Mag - BG - JQ

    actually, blackgate sucks
  2. Mag - BG - SOS

    dam bg really needs a link when will anet wake up
  3. MAG - NSP - SOS

    that video is embarrassing for doccccpkryta though cover your minimap next time
  4. MAG - NSP - SOS

    tbh I'd be glad if rifle deadeye became meta - it's easier to deal with than standard daredevil in wvw.

    thanks 50 year old divorced man for using the word cuck to mask your shame about your own guild's bad play ps. stop drinking and writing multi-paragraph dumb posts in private

    there's a ton of top ranked spvp'ers that also roam are you trying to troll by pretending to be retarded, or is this genuine?

    SBI has a lot of good pve'rs. Every corner I turn while roaming there's 10 people on a camp flipping route. WvW is PvP for people who don't actually want to fight, just look at it safely from afar to feel risky.
  8. Mag-FA-NSP

    you're retarded
  9. BG-MAG-YB

    multiple mag maps are outmanned buff with a queue bluebl lost outmanned, but didn't get any more players in. 30 people in with 30 man queue /shrug
  10. BG-MAG-YB

    Mag BL has outmanned with a queue all night.
  11. BG-MAG-SBI

    p. boring matchup for shit talk I think it's because most veterans if they're honest see their retard count has gone up 500% with the changes and every server is playing ugly as hell now.

    hey bud, watched you have a queue and run to spawn or hide in a tower multiple times these past few weeks. also, you aren't getting sniped as much as you think. you're a bad player that leaps ahead of your group ofc you're going to fucking die first
  13. BG-MAG-SBI

    I just want everyone to know enough people are dying to NPC's or fall damage to have a statistical impact on BG BL.
  14. BG-MAG-SBI

    Molasses owns...
  15. BG-MAG-SBI

    EBG mag reset is really bad, no one should deny that no commander can lead the pack of one-a-weekers that sit back in their pvt and beckpedal