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  1. Go Team Rav, Go! big and stronk reset eyyy
  2. i never saw thunder that salty, what did you do fsp/ papii!? also, dont talk to threather, he busy night ktraining in gh actually hf
  3. gunaabi*
  4. thx for the drama in fsp team chat about that sm cap, good stuff!
  5. Gandara - RS - Deso please
  6. too much ac usage by FSP lately, get your fighting spirit back guys
  7. right now Salt getting spawn camped by pugs wihtout commander, TS or even groups on fsp bl #feelsbad
  8. fixed.
  9. well those players in the video just look like tryhards, who are happy that they downed someone, doesnt matter if they outnumber or anything maybe they just bad?
  10. excuse me, but what does BM mean?
  11. Lose while in front of js? meh nvm still thumbs up to RS because they arnt linked ...well....since ever? oO Good mu, thx everyone
  12. uhm wat? PS: nicht nur ein Penner, es sind ca 50 =]
  13. Underworld carry hard and allot!
  14. finally some gooood ooold saaalt