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  1. Mag SoS FA

    Ty for fights VR, hopefully we can do some again before this matchup ends! Pls no pvferino about my gvgerinos
  2. [NA] Looking for OS, GH, EOTM Fights

    Anytime @Haematic
  3. [BnR] Bitter and Restless is recruiting 4 guardians, 2 necromancers, 2 revenants, 2 warriors, 1 mesmer for competitive wvw/gvg. Players of any skill is welcome to apply, experience doesn't matter. Raid days are Monday->Thursday 8-10 est and occasionally Sunday. Attending 3 days a week is a must. Homeserver is Northern Shiverpeaks which is 1800 gems to transfer to but has a link, which will change soon but is Emhry Bay. Message Achilles.2053 or YoloSwag.2037 in-game for more info.