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  1. Welp,.. This should be boring.
  2. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    Ok then, will be hitting NSP BL tomorrow night:) TY for the info, lets get some game going on.
  3. NSPPT, SBI and Nobody Cares

    Actually the fights haven't been terrible. Props to INC, APEX, BAN and a few others. Siege sucks. How about we all meet at Zerg Island and you can tell your "Defenders" we will leave their precious keeps and towers alone. My group has little to no interest in taking your objectives, we want open field dirty slutty fights. We are forced to hit your shit because that is the only way you will fight, lets cut out the middleman here.
  4. This is cute BTW... are you ok? Didn't mean to hurt you, next time I'll spit on my dick before entry. Happy now?
  5. Arrow carts everywhere. The Dream Bois... The Dream
  6. Hehehe... Destro at his finest, must be hard fighting for attention in VR. TIE has long since forgotten you BTW, your safe places are running out.
  7. Title says it all. Used to be non-stop shit talk, trolling, bad memes and worse memes. Now it seems a few people hang out on the Discord with a bunch of lurkers spamming boring shit over and over. Once upon a time we rattled Anet to the point of action, albeit shitty action, but at least recognition of our chosen game mode. Now we seem to sit and sulk a lot. I read the forums, any posts by old time players are just salt with little real value. We argue among ourselves and fuck all gets done. We shit all over new players trying to talk but just complain endlessly about the same gripes we had years ago. We have become that Old Guy that does nothing but bitch and moan while never actually affecting change. I love this game mode, really I do, but I have to be honest, in it's current state it is on life support at best, and we, as a community, let it happen. Why? Because we were divisive over the minute details. Trailblazer and Dire, Necro's OP, Roaming, Nerf Zerg, Boonshare.... The list goes on and on. Perhaps it is time, we as a community of shitty people who all hate everything, should come together and present Anet with some suggestions. We have guys and girls with good voices, Mal, Bloodie, Chaba, Seasniffer, That guy from Mas and come to mind, who could vanguard this for us if we got together and made it happen. I'm drunk, I'll stop now. Peace
  8. I like to think when I trigger Destro snot starts spewing out his nose while he grabs his ventilator. Lets be real Destro, you were never part of the OG crew you claim as pedigree you just talk shit because that's what yappy little dogs do. Any theory crafting I ever saw was so retarded and useless that even Snoopy said "Just leave it alone man, he has his ways. Dumb bastard" Now you are fighting for real estate on Bloodies cock and I've heard you want a bit of Star Player in ya as well?
  9. HoD - SoS - Sbi [T3]

    Fun match-up so far. Also 100% Destro free, so less salt in your diet.
  10. So Destro is what makes all this talk so much fun. He has never done anything great by himself but always attached himself to great people and has used that to elevate himself. Destro has, and will always be, low trolling bait and a shitty player. Take that example for what you will.
  11. And you have KeK and the Mag Cloud. Stop talking shit you "Never Was"
  12. So cute! The Xpac brought Destro back... IIRC you in TIE once? And before Snoopy's nutsack who's were you licking? We all know you are fighting with Hunk for Bloodie's right now, but what exactly is your pedigree? Not that it matters, yapping dogs are yapping dogs.
  13. DB - HOD - SBI

    um ok, Sulla here, because apparently this low rent trolling thread needs some moderation. Not sure and don't care who this Magical kid is that is running his mouth but I feel I have to answer to one point. DOC will build open field trebs because... well, he does that. Some other guilds will also drop stuff and there are always randoms. My streamer (who streams in drag and talks about gay stuff every Saturday night) spams siege on downs because he's... well.... Any, and every time I have dropped anything open field is to pull you cunts away from your towers/siege/buffs/ac's/trebs/etc etc etc
  14. Mag - BG - SOS

    for 3000 gold I will start posting again so this forum stays alive. Didn't the Kek kiddies transfer to SoS or is my information terrible?
  15. GW2WvW Discord

    I'm assuming because I made some KeK kids get their panties in a bunch and Thornton just wants to impress his betters?