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  1. RoF vs FSP vs KD

    I tag up at 22.30 till 1.30 UTC+2 and when you were not at or in our Garry RoF were in inside. We were a bit busy to hold our keep and flip back our towers
  2. RoF vs FSP vs KD

    Kodash wouldn´t fight out of AC range? Mate we had no choice! You attack our garry the hole time when i was leading and it isn´t the fault of us when you choose the garry of an enemy to fight. Maybe you shouldn´t attack this for getting some open field fights And over the whole time we build 10 AC´s in OUR garry to defend it against a FSP-zerg carried by a 20+ man guildgroup. there were enough fights without any siege in our and your back, so don´t blame us for defending our homes. Thanks anyway for the fights and it was nice to see that FSP were not able to hold our garry on T0 as they promised to some of our players Cheers
  3. deso vs kodash vs ar

    Was fun yesterday on EB, good fights to Deso. Sorry that I / we opened your garry, but it was the only way to get your attention. It worked Thanks to the guilds we fought Wednesday with [qF] on Deso-Border. The spontaneous Scrims were great and were a nice variety to the Blobby-Condiball-Heal-Meta Regards
  4. deso v kodash v ar

    Are there an guilds on Deso or Augury who are not handholding, doublepushing or playing the condition meta? it would be a pleasure to have some fair fights