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  1. FSP-Gandara-PS

    Yes, piken boring in t2 also, zzz...
  2. T2 is dead with piken siegewanking there with 0 decent active commanders. Sadly vabbi cant stay t1 because desert map would require 24/7 babysitting against ktrains this week because our roamers don't really play/scout there.
  3. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    But you can feel the dead things, hint hint ;);)
  4. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    Sorry man, I did ctrl + f and only server that is called best here is SFR. Unfortunately the strongest doesnt equal best. Its all about which servers can actually win those outnumbered 30v60s without hugging siege. But yeah, Vabbi is definitely getting weaker, so is piken/sfr too tho. Before Vabbi was just fighting 80% of the day against bigger groups almost never being queued.
  5. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    ikr, he must have been trying to just breach outer to farm piken inside but accidentally capped keep cuz Piken just died.
  6. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    The Avalance Guild [TA]? pretty sure 90% of TA is where LJoey is, or bandvagoning on fsp. Anyways, Avalance Guild has nice signet builds, better than piken, sure they're scary. Because theyre not on rangers. Cant spell #piken without #rangershaverights
  7. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    SFR has a dream. To become top international server again. Even though they know it is just climbing the rankings 10th time with ppt to get rekt by every t1-t2 server in fights. I mean even JS and BB are better.
  8. Lets see if sfr will rank up during this matchup Nice linkings anet, strongest main server with strongest link server, seems legit.
  9. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    Tagged up last night to fight FSP on home bl as they asked for us to fight them. We had 65ish at start and it was pretty good but lost some numbers and FSP got little stronger so we started losing. After that we had like 50, think we had some hidden PvD group somewhere. Was pretty good fights, FSP melee/commander def needs to get used to new specs because long range pirateship isnt exactly most exciting way for Warriors/guardians . I didnt ragequit but had to tag down cuz neighbor got angry after like 3 hours. Decent fights at start, but cant really see myself leading against 60 man cloud that only pushes when enemy commander is down more than a few times in the future. You already had advantage with t3 keep + our bl + numbers. You could at least try push like we did, haha. Summary: I fought for fun, not for "pride". You commanders need to stop taking losing fights so seriously that you ruin them
  10. Mu was already done sorry, piken had already lost, why would you ktrain desert? Just to ktrain it again? Its not like there's any enemy there . Just some AC bots
  11. Hype. Waiting for commander to get thro q.
  12. "Fuck yes, Anet finally removed Red map and replaced it with Green", one vabbian person celebrates.
  13. Haha, everyone on Vabbi already knows were going t1 just to get rekt By FSP in ppt, find some blobs and get clowned out of their t3 sm, just because these servers dont give much of a challenge. So it was a joke.
  14. Man, burning out, whats that? Want me to try to beat FSP also? Also I am legit 100% sure that we got better fights with Andrej on home bl than all of you others on EB against these servers. I had some pretty fun times with deadeye at the south towers against some SFR players.
  15. Hype, did some amazing hours this week. 12190 pips so far, got sand coming out of my ears Rewarded with FSP mu, lets hope they at least show up to fight outside prime. Piken seems bit boring to fight against, only defending and backcapping. SFR seems like they belong against RoF. Sorry pikunah, Vabbi doesnt belong in t1, we just unleashed some hidden ppt strats that are only known to tryhard gvg blobs. This knowledge is hidden deep outside your reach. Was fun guessing 95% of timewhere the NUKE/Elite monkeys were right. Cya t2 in 1 week again. Score for this matchup: 7/10, not very good blobs but lot of clowns, camp flippers, ppt strats and roamers, so at least had something to do, better than RS. Didnt even win commander of the matchup poll, feelsbadman.