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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    Yea, maybe so, I actually played on my underworld account for some pips, because RS and JS are hiding in keeps, last night and noticed you guys had 3-4 queues on primetime. The status of riverside, kodash and elona is just sad cuz never link, never open (and even if open its only for 1 week for 1800 gems). Imagine playing with same players and guilds for 2 years while pretty much every other server has been in t1 past 2 years as link or linked server.
  2. T1-T5 MU thread

    Haha, my hopes are they do something drastic like remove t5 with AM and DL adding them as rs, kodash and elona links so we get to see some perma german blobs. as 3rd removed server it could just be something like UW, doubt GH has population to be a legit main server. No way they'll do anything like that and Germans will be cucked in t5 with thrash servers like Sfr again and rest of them unlinked + full
  3. T1-T5 MU thread

    It is gonna be pretty good. As we know amount of pugs is volatile existance. Like germans and french become sometimes superactive and have multiple servers in t1 whereas sometimes theyre dead enough to have 1 server cut from them. Same things occur in international servers. Now EU can go from having 4 tiers to having 5 tiers sometimes. There will be more players because PvE/PvP guilds can be put into same alliance when they set themselves as WvW or make another guild for those interested. Meaning Germans and spanish might get influx of guilds that are spread on international servers. Also players can invite their "PvE friends" to same server to try WvW, like biggest wall against people playing WvW is that they don't know anyone from there. Most importantly, it makes bandvagoning harder. No more 500 gems to transfer every 8 week. It will be more like 1000-1800. Also servers don't have to tank for several months just to open up to get some new players in. Roamers will face equal amount of roamers due to being spread out. Servers will have about equal amount of commanders and players. Servers can get rid of permanent trolls that will become outcasts. It solves so many issues just by giving up the "hurr durr our server is the best" thought. Sure inactive players will get kinda rekt but I guess whatever new server they're put into might be able to light that spark again. Anyways these are my general thoughts about the suggested change and I am sure lot of people disagree just because they spent so much time buidling their communities. But hey, alliance is easier to manage, won't get troll bandvagoners and you can get to know everyone. Yay?
  4. T1-T5 MU thread

    Well this is the thing, most commanders are just retards. They go log-in screen they pick up whatever class they think is fun then they run in circles and wonder why did all my casters and melee die. Or how many times have you seen a commander back in a corner or go against a wall in this meta and just lose the fight because he didn't have space to move? Just because he went right (terrible positioning) instead of left ( awesome positioning, ranged get space, enemy get cornered like a rat)? How many times have you seen a commander play too passive to accomplish any ranged pressure and then just shout "GO BUBBLE GO BUBBLE" and then runs in, dies instantly and lose all his melee? Like he didnt have a plan to win in the first Place? And what about experience or skill level? Now what separates decent commander for bad commander in "general awareness" is: They go where it matters. If enemy is stronger, they go where there is actually chance to win a fight. lets say you have kodash zone blob on EB as green that is facerolling everyone. Now what does you average jack do? He goes at klovan gate and wonders why his 40 man PPT blob wiped even though he didn't have any chance at klovan. He shoulda gone Anza or durios or play defensively or stand in front of keep to wait them come out (yes your enemy commander gets bored too). And after playing on deso, it is pretty obvious since 80% of commanders aren't even guardians and rather just some kind of plebs that play the game for fun not understanding left from right, how energy sigil works and what are the limits of your zerg just because he is terrible at the game himself. Now counting enemies and allies is a funny thing because every commander that has any gamesense are capable of doing this and should be doing it if he wants to not throw fights. How many enemy did we kill? Can we finish them? Did we lose people on that push (do i need to stop pushing this way in the future?)? Do we need to fall back? Is enemy 40 or 70? How many are we if we count people outside squad as half? Can we jump out of the tower or keep? Do we just jump out and not give a heck? Is our spawn close? Is this enemy so strong that we should we move to better place ? Its more like these commanders dont even have basics down so they will never be able to fight people like disco, etheri, rav and bez because they suicide their blob in 100% of fights. And they still tag up. Then they build acs instead of get better. This is why the fights are so terrible atm. People who willingly did PvP like me and transferred to servers like Piken for several months some years ago to learn leading things from people like Oni and Roy are like miles away in leading from these random plebs that spent last 5 years without even realising that Guardian commanders perform so much better/consistent than any other class in WvW commanding. No1 cares what class you start commanding with, but if the fights get harder and you start losing: Relog if theres no queue!!! For gods sake!! at least do your best..... Now of course this game will always have casual commanders that will never amount to anything because they dont want to/they are new. Losing t3 keeps just because they keep suiciding instead of choosing correct positioning and siege placement (and yes, defending t3 keeps is Super easy if you have the numbers), not responding to scout reports when your zerg is bored ppting etc... Leading guild raids on engi (yes this is normal on deso) and getting your whole guild oneshotted, meaning your guild just stops progressing skillwise... Its just too casual for lot of enemies and allies. For example Bez led his blob against some deso blob that got 1 pushed just because they were terrible and did a yolopush or didnt pay attention at reset. Very fun for both servers. Those were 2 fights lost without deso even having a chance to win them... And after that reset was pretty much over, commander dodged to a dead map and everyone good logged out or went to do semi terrible fights on some other map. This wasn't even counting how their voice comms are terrible also, where i could list like thousand things. Just as a example, basics like running in front 1000 range ahead like stence or fabz just because you didnt bother to tell people where/when you're moving, is just funny way to lose fights. They had/have their good and serious parts tho, most comms dont, I just tried to pick an example from commanders that people actually know. And no, you can't blame skillful people for leaving dead servers like SFR to follow someone decent. Theres just nothing there to learn, just roaming, and you can do it on a server that you can be proud about also. Sometimes you wanna do that good old smashfiesta instead of hold-choke- and-do-even-that-terribly -fiesta. Personally as commander my fault is that I don't lead much when it is necessary. Lot of it has to do with community and my habit of destroying enemy morale completely when I lead so the fights are over in max 20-30 minutes leading to me yolopushing enemy inside their keep under cannons and acs, which lot of the commanders here can relate to, or just me being a wuss thinking I cant gather enough people to fight that zone blob at this timezone. Typically I lead like 10-15 hours a week out of which most are off-hours against smaller groups like 5v10s and 20v40s. That really doesnt amount to much out of my online time. Sometimes I feel like making more mistakes would make the fights more interesting but at this point after leading over 3000 hours in total it is just hard. I am very aware that I need to create or join a guild, like I did on vabbi, to be able to fight people like Lyroc or Bez but the thing is, I just don't want to make the effort. Partly because I am never friendly with anyone so no1 ever asks me to tag up. Or maybe I am just lazy, who knows.
  5. T1-T5 MU thread

    FSP vs Deso, lets go. Deso doesnt have decent commanders for primetime btw so don't expect much from your strongest blob map (which most likely will be green all this week).
  6. T1-T5 MU thread

    T1 mu has been rather interesting. Deso has so many commanders that at some point last night we had 5 commanders (4 open + 1 closed) but no queue on any map. Funnily they're all pretty bad facing queue blobs so they kinda should merge to have more fights/equal numbers... DL is terrible Seems bunch of people rather wanna drop t2 to fight fsp rather than stay to ppt vs piken and gandara. I kinda agree even though Gandara has been pretty interesting. Rank 1 server numbers you see, it is fun to actually have enemy. I doubt deso stands much chance against FSP but at least they will hit our keep when we have no comm making it interesting. I have no idea how deso has 1.4 kdr, seems we're farming DL a lot.
  7. T1-T5 MU thread

    All germans will transfer to RS anyways if they manage to tank enough to open up.
  8. T1-T5 MU thread

    Lets goooooo. Now as we all know, salt forums are dead. Most likely we all blame bez and rav for not being salty enough towards each other as we were pretty much built around that. Anyways NA made a t1-t4 mu thread. So lets merge ours as well because NA is the superior continent for WvW and creative thinking, right? BALANCE PATCH ON TUESDAY, BURN FIREBRAND AND SCOURGE ALIVE PLZ. Regarding t1 mu, Pretty close fights last night Dye vs Lib. Seems neither side had good melee tho because it was pretty pirateshippy. Deso didnt have queue for the last 2 hours but was funny. Gandara def won more fights but deso ended up with more kdr. Everyone happy? I think i gave you enough topics to go on about.
  9. What happend to Vabbi?

    Blobbing, zerging and whatever is a skill of its own. Now you might have never had fun at it so you don't understand it. I will explain you the basics: 1) Single-targeting is the most important part of the fights because anyone AoE bombs relatively well. Same as in PvP 2) You have typically 1 energy sigil. Meaning if you dodge, you can swap weapons/legends/shroud for another dodge. Wow. Now you just need to use it to dodge relevant damage. Wow the mechanics are much like in PvP. 3) There are multiple different scale of fights, meaning relogging correct class and changing your build when necessary is more important than in PvP where meta is built around 5v5. Well blobbing is only one part of the WvW but as you know propably, Rom used to WvW. Back in the old days, way more than the moments they were streaming it brifly for a few months. They were there running around, sometimes participating in fights. They were helping deso nightcrew doing things while talking to their friends before going to bed. I doubt they were bored even if there was no enemy. It was called casual fun with friends. They are humans after all. I feel like youre stuck on an idea that there are no good players outside PvP tournaments that were held like 5 years ago. Apparently there was not enough time in between for someone else to get good. I mean it makes sense, because they are famous and you made an human error here. Its like theres no good musicians or martial artists outside your knowledge, whichever swings your boat. Rom quit because there was no official tournaments to fight in anymore, not because the quality of the players. Yes that is the same in PvP and PvE. Now lets say PvP has 95% thrash players, PvE has 99.9%. From my experience, WvW has most likely like 15 good players per server if you include GvGers that are good in PvP/WvW also and like 1500 players active in average meaning 99% players are thrash mechanically. Of course there are players like Sizer and sinderer, that show up in WvW sometimes to kill people when there's long PvP queues but they can't really be considered WvW players. Well this is an interesting point that reflects WvW pretty well. Like Helseth played necro when it mattered but fun classes otherwise, good WvW players also do that. Typically a WvW server has like 20 thrash commanders and 1 good one. Meaning when this good one is tagged that you like, its like your "pvp team" so you will relog a suitable class when this commander is struggling in fights. Also there are fights that dont matter to you personally. Like lets say you have a casual commander with shitty foods and possibly hes a reaper instead of guardian. Then its like a shitty casual PvP ranked game so you can just keep playing your fun class like gravity well mesmer or axe shield warrior 1v1ing and 1v2ing people. Because whats the point of playing AoE class like spamming rev hammer 2s and 3s mindlessly unless you get a boner out of oneshotting some PvE scrubs. I can't emphasize this enough but WvW is not just blobs. Its also small scale like killing roamer guilds coming to spawn gank your server. 5v5s etc etc. Like the most interesting fights are something like 15v20 in hills or something when the losing defending side is respawning and your the attacker numbers are slowly dwindling leading into over 30 minute intense fight. Overall the WvW fights are not very interesting atm because the meta is pretty much same as in PvP, maybe even more cancerous because there are more stats to choose from. Tanky Scourges spamming skills locking people out lot of interesting melee-engage specs (because surprisingly majority of the defensive mechanics and offensive bursts are bound to going melee) and minstrel firebrands supporting them. in WvW its hammer revs instead of condi mirages running about oneshotting people trying to stop scourge from winning all fights.
  10. What happend to Vabbi?

    It has something to do with the kind of the fights I was talking about. The context. Nothing wrong with thief or ranger for roaming. First of all, it may not come surprising to you but low stab, low AoEclenase, low corrupt, low AoE, low support classes aren't capable of performing that well in 20 v 50. Or even in 60v60. The quality also has to do with what specs/classes people decide to bring to which scale of fights. Not even your belowed Rom would bring 4 signet staff ele with earth traits. Well I did touch PvP for a bit some seasons where I was playing around same MMR as Rom and other. I was amongst the first to hit legendary in season 3 & 1(which were pretty much only seasons i played PvP) and one of the best scrappers season 1. True that I didn't spend all my ingame time for 1v1s and 5v5s meaning there are lot of better players for that there. I still would take it seriously if id take part in it. Pst: Also the fact that you suggest hed still play druid instead of soul beast is kinda hilarious, have you even logged in in past 4 months or just watch twitch streams? Also he had history with guardian and warrior, he would most likely reroll something else considering soulbeast mechanics seem more fun. As a bigshot ex-support guardian player, he could even be hyped about firebrand. Well I did play power reaper dealing top damage + corrupts in the shout condi epi meta. It wasnt meta. Also I mained scrapper for ages in blobbing until they buffed necro axe 3 + bitter chill making it impossible to use in the reaper shout spam meta. It wasnt meta. Past weeks I have been playing Sword Weaver in blobs having a blast, which definitely will never be meta.... So you can make your assumptions, but I am actually one of the people who supports nonmeta builds as long as they perform decently in the current scale of fights. Thief and ranger unfortunately don't fit there. GS shatter mesmer might as long as he knows his combos (because they're AoE). Dont forget, some people play to win. And in 20v50 scale you typically want to bring a class that at least allows you a chance to win. Isn't this what top PvP players would do? They are willing to RELOG incase their team has 5 mesmers or enemy is full scourges... So class choice is not quality in WvW, but it is in PvP? Wowww.... edit: I am adding this historic thread from another user so you can see what builds people would play if they only play for fun. This is what you want?
  11. What happend to Vabbi?

    Some of us left vabbi because it got boring. There were new guilds like PvD leading every day like 12 hours without discord and still winning fights. Discordless commanders aren't exactly the most exciting ones. Vabbi was fun for a long time because we we're fighting with 15-40 man squads with no queues against blobs and only quality players (no rangers, thiefs etc. Everyone of discord and been in decent guilds) while it was being a challenge. Then ton of people transferred (like kimberlite, and you all know how terrible players people like kimberlite are) and there was queue everytime there was fights making it boring. Also contributing to it was commanders like Rav, Nation and Loves quitting leading (mostly because there wasn't challenge) which meant Vabbi commander quality dropped to dumbster and the only active commander was someone like "no-mic" kid inkk. At this point all good players that weren't bound by a guild left the server. Then UW got delinked from vabbi which ment vabbi also lost SALT and the mediocre bandvagoners, majority most likely went back to FSP. Now there isn't anyone to pull people to the new linking with all the "great vabbi commanders" being inactive. Well my original plan was to go back deso for past 6 months anyways, I just needed to let it die first with Sov and KISS there. After KISS and Sov left to make deso better place, I was waiting for it to open up. Vabbis melee-centric, only get fights around primetime, style wasn't exactly my thing. Vabbi was at this point full of bandvagoners which ment you either had 10 on tag, or 80 on tag, which ment there wasn't awesome zerg fights anymore. "Took SM, enemy comm tagged off. All other 3 maps empty. That was fun 15 minutes leading." - normal day on Vabbi Anyways, overall the game state is probably better like this. Originally I transferred to SFR link, because deso was full, and we had pretty decent fights against Vizunah when I was leading. SFR was pretty bad tho, even their server builds are terrible cavalier eles with wurm runes, haven't seem them win a single fight against Deso this week even with Kazo leading. Then the link got transferred to Gandara and it was pretty good constant fights there also, lib was leading a lot, sometimes losing to DL but eventually starting winning. I went back to Deso after new years and it has been pretty fun past few days. Piken seems pretty great also, very active with multiple leads. They will most likely have good time in T1 against Gandara. ^^^^^^ Wall of text, cure for insomnia, you're welcome.
  12. Wow, UW is main server now, epic. Pretty good. I seriously UW will def have the population to maintain competitiveness even if most of the Vabbi bandvagoners ditch the sinking ship leaving women, children and wounded behind. GH also. Pretty good. Flextomming thro hardships. Teapotting for casual fun. This is the terror of the current links. Tbf i dont even remember where my main acc is. Some ex sfr link, but gotta get ready for the Flexpotvagon. Merry xmas, dont fill deso link 2 much <3
  13. FSP-Gandara-PS

    Yes, piken boring in t2 also, zzz...
  14. T2 is dead with piken siegewanking there with 0 decent active commanders. Sadly vabbi cant stay t1 because desert map would require 24/7 babysitting against ktrains this week because our roamers don't really play/scout there.
  15. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    But you can feel the dead things, hint hint ;);)