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  1. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    Tagged up last night to fight FSP on home bl as they asked for us to fight them. We had 65ish at start and it was pretty good but lost some numbers and FSP got little stronger so we started losing. After that we had like 50, think we had some hidden PvD group somewhere. Was pretty good fights, FSP melee/commander def needs to get used to new specs because long range pirateship isnt exactly most exciting way for Warriors/guardians . I didnt ragequit but had to tag down cuz neighbor got angry after like 3 hours. Decent fights at start, but cant really see myself leading against 60 man cloud that only pushes when enemy commander is down more than a few times in the future. You already had advantage with t3 keep + our bl + numbers. You could at least try push like we did, haha. Summary: I fought for fun, not for "pride". You commanders need to stop taking losing fights so seriously that you ruin them
  2. Mu was already done sorry, piken had already lost, why would you ktrain desert? Just to ktrain it again? Its not like there's any enemy there . Just some AC bots
  3. Hype. Waiting for commander to get thro q.
  4. "Fuck yes, Anet finally removed Red map and replaced it with Green", one vabbian person celebrates.
  5. Haha, everyone on Vabbi already knows were going t1 just to get rekt By FSP in ppt, find some blobs and get clowned out of their t3 sm, just because these servers dont give much of a challenge. So it was a joke.
  6. Man, burning out, whats that? Want me to try to beat FSP also? Also I am legit 100% sure that we got better fights with Andrej on home bl than all of you others on EB against these servers. I had some pretty fun times with deadeye at the south towers against some SFR players.
  7. Hype, did some amazing hours this week. 12190 pips so far, got sand coming out of my ears Rewarded with FSP mu, lets hope they at least show up to fight outside prime. Piken seems bit boring to fight against, only defending and backcapping. SFR seems like they belong against RoF. Sorry pikunah, Vabbi doesnt belong in t1, we just unleashed some hidden ppt strats that are only known to tryhard gvg blobs. This knowledge is hidden deep outside your reach. Was fun guessing 95% of timewhere the NUKE/Elite monkeys were right. Cya t2 in 1 week again. Score for this matchup: 7/10, not very good blobs but lot of clowns, camp flippers, ppt strats and roamers, so at least had something to do, better than RS. Didnt even win commander of the matchup poll, feelsbadman.
  8. Last week before expansion Lets not pussy out too much.
  9. Jade Sea - Vabbi - Riverside

    I guess by the better one instead of the best one, you counted RS out
  10. Zenith, no. Only DH that's within the meta on NA for blobs is a few burn DHs. And you dont play burn DH. Little effort and you would know it. good night lul.
  11. HE MADE THE META GUYS, HE WAS THE GUY. LINE UP. AUTOGRAPHS FOR EVERYONE. DRAGONHUNTER WILL BE NEXT META, CONFIRMED, 2 YEARS OF IT SUCKING AND BILLION NERFS, BUT FINALLY ITS GONNA BE META.. I cant join salt anymore so I'll go cry in a corner. I was practicing to get gud enough to join but nope, my dreams are in shambles. Logic 10/10
  12. Giving effort man lul. Lets see: - So you arrive to EU from NA and you tag up yellow open every single day, even on a map with other open tag, because you think it doesnt matter. "I played like this on NA, i will play like this on EU. Whole EUs history doesn't matter", (Comparable to "lets kill all native Americans." back when Europe went to America) Very nice effort there to be peaceful. - You are leading a WvW guild yet you allow Tomi the Dragonhunter to be in your guild with his build. Very commendable. But dont you understand that it hurts him to play such a bad build, do you not care about your guild mates enough to tell them better? Also the other "skillful" Salt members are being hindered by existence of this attitude. Effort of managing guild 10/10. - So your attitude in these forums has gone towards; "Hey dudes, we're right, we're never gonna change. We play for fun, we will never change to blue tag!!! ETERNAL ASURA COMMANDER GUILD!!" Very nice effort shown there - You named your guild Heavy Loot Bag, are you the loot bags? I dont understand, where's the effort in this name? Did you think that people want to join a guild that are walking Heavy Loot Bags? Did you do the effort of considering feelings of outsiders of this guild. - Dye is capable of showing human nature of himself. Personal feelings, trolling, improvement etc. So people enjoy following him. You're just a niceness bot that thinks saying that your guild is right, makes your guild right. Sovs commanding as Dominate confirmed: "Haha we wiped, well lets go again, we most likely did something wrong, but at least we did our very best in the current moment, lets go wipe agaaaaaain and never consider what we did wrong." How can people relate to this? They can't. Theres 0 effort in your commanding.
  13. Indeed, having independent thoughts, being open to little social conflict and striving to improve is how you get to the top, not by being nice to everyone. You should try it instead of being the Yes Man. Start by kicking the 2 worst players in your guild. Oops, how can you lead guild if you're not in it. Well Zenith will be guildless too so you can join LOOK together .
  14. HAHAHAHAHAH, best post in WvW forums so far Poor sov, destroys peoples (read: WvW players) homes (read: WvW server) and gets beaten to the ground. Deserved. Guess it makes sense that a random foreign guy with the machine gun that slaughters the whole village, won't know how the village was before he arrived and can say it is better afterwards . Safe spaaaace. We really need better emoticon with thumbs up
  15. Sov, half a year and still running semiopen raids with yellow tag. Even on maps with other open tags. Funny how hard its for you to adapt to EU, maybe just go back NA fulltime. Better for everyone, your server and enemy servers. Deso is one of the most frustrating servers to be in during prime because you never know if Salt/KISS will engage fight or watch while you wipe 30v50. Retarded bad casual guilds like these should all just transfer Ring of Fire and get rekt by DL. Or just NA with 12 Ring Of Fires.