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  1. Ryver my friend, that was not flattery, that was my inner bitch admiring yours but nobody can know.
  2. So mean Ryver, so mean!
  3. Reset was quite weird. Three way blob fights and skill lag... I think defending home is going to be quite important. We will see how things go.
  4. Cute stuff! Next topic then. New matchup and all.
  5. Butterd you know I like you and all but I don't get the desperation. Kinda looks funny. Bringing up something months old whenever there is an opening and stuff. I don't know, I am not saying anything against you, you know me, but from the outside it honestly looks like you just want to get a reaction and who would want that! Be better than that! About ERP, weren't they on UW or something? If they wish so, could be possible to arrange one in GH. Zoi is just another guild and we have our own high and low points. Usually after a low point comes a high one which is great! I am not supportive of the language that explains it though 😂 But yeah like mentioned above, just PM someone if you want to fight and see what happens. To us it is a way to see different things and improve ourselves. Like mentioned above again we got destroyed in GvG tournament pretty much but we enjoyed it a lot because we got to see such different game plays. We are not really some kind of crazy people you know, we just have fun together and try to improve, don't like something about the guild, well don't have to be in or even around it no? MATCHUP THO GIVING ME NIGHTMARES ABOUT ABADDON FLIPPING OUR KEEPS.
  6. Hahaha, quite funny actually I enjoyed reading that! Shame on you for body shaming us! When it comes to AG having 5 people. Anet decided on something and the way I see it is simple. Options are as following, 1- Ragequit until your personal satisfaction is guaranteed with a different linking. 2- Bandwagon to a place where the grass is greener. 3- Try and make the best out of it. I went for third and I must say all 5 of them were actually nice people! Even Shino, who put me in a drawing and gave me funny names! I gather you are an AG player too, feel free to refer to my signature, poke me and come say hi in a bit when I get my fat ass off the couch and come on!
  7. Shoutout to fellow GH folks, in the name of our community, I wish you well o/
  8. Thank you for positive input, much appreciated! Obviously the matchup with Gandara was quite hard on us. New linking and all, but RoF has always been a place that required hard work and now we are getting better with AG folks as well. We had quite good runs this week. Once we start getting some more people to support our very strong foundation, we should be able to push up again and hopefully this time we will do better against you guys!
  9. Good day time coverage today, thanks to FIRE commanders Vox and Wy Man, hopefully we can continue on prime time too. Looks like we are starting to find our rhythm with fellow AG folks!
  10. Don't be such a saltbae Blarff and come to RoF 😊
  11. Great scrims in AM borderlands tonight. Thanks CIA, WdR(I guess), qF and any other that I may be forgetting. Also good open raid in EB and AM, thanks RI for hosting.
  12. Hey you can ask for scrims, we arrange our numbers equally unless you want outnumbered fights 😊 I don't know what guild you are on though, maybe we had some sort of a scrim/fight at some point. Except for how EB was in the end of the night, yesterday was pretty fun.
  13. Oi why put me in the comic damn you all If someone has a legit complaint, an idea, anything they think is wrong, feel free to contact me anytime. We know we are not flawless but we try to be better in every way. But I don't do salt so... As for the matchup yeah, gandara seems quite crowded and we cannot handle it at the moment considering our numbers. So personally I took the week off except for guild raids and currently trying to get to know AG better. Shoutout to III, pretty awesome people, had a great time with them.
  14. Goota say Sov, you are a pretty cool person, deso is lucky to have you 😊
  15. Either way, we are stuck with each other and I think majority of people will try and get the best of it. Thanks to all AG folks who came to the training event, hope you had a good time 😊