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  1. Nice vid, Leto. Keep up the nuisance!
  2. I think this would depict "Maguuma" more accurately:
  3. If you have not already seen these, they should keep you preoccupied for a while: https://www.amazon.com/gp/bookseries/B00XLHUL94/ref=dp_st_1416589627 Enjoy.
  4. ...to be [BG] or not to be [BG}....that is the question....
  5. Maguuma working as intended. @Donald Duck: If you dont like how Maguuma plays, you are free to move back to FA. No one is forcing you to stay on Mag.
  6. ...ANET LS/pre-expansion AMA: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/68vw84/flashpoint_devs_here_ask_us_anything/?st=j284c9ke&sh=a489ab39
  7. Depends. Is the maple syrup...sweet as nectar?
  8. ...Maguuma and Jade Quarry are now [OPEN]. (See screenshot) ./inb4massiveQQ Happy May Day.
  9. Stream snipe cam sluts and attention whores, siege bury ANET tags, spawn camp other servers for days, pamper our KDR, harass zergs and their little zerglings, exploit WvW mechanics, make ANET mods QQ, become the infamous "Mag cloud", etc. I must add, Maguuma is a devout Christian server. We are as pure as they come.
  10. Mag has the only frontline that matters.....Frontline UK.
  11. We have to make sure to bring extra salt...
  12. Even though I'm not Canadian, I'd like to nominate a 3rd candidate. The one and only....(see below)
  13. Mal knows. He's been in my bed before...
  14. You 2 should get a room. Preferably one with clean bed sheets. Can never have enough clean bed sheets. =/