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  1. t1-t4 mu thread

    discord killed the forums... we all killed the game lel
  2. t1-t4 mu thread

    beer wiskey or weed??.. wats ur poison?..
  3. Sea, Eu fights been fun so far.. lets keep it up! d:^)
  4. the amount of free kills in this match up is impressive d:^)
  5. Mag - BG - SOS

    Meanwhile on all other tiers..
  6. Mag - BG - SOS

    Meanwhile on DB...
  7. SBI - Mag - CD

    id love to say fun fights tonight... but between fending mag out off our ebg keep repeatedly and backcapping the CD backcappers in our bl there really wasnt much fights.. cd wouldnt even come fight us when we took both thier t2 keeps on thier bl.. they jus backcapped our bay again.. at that point i was done playing kiss chase lel.... enjoy t1 mag u shitters <3 see u soon cd.. u wont last above us without mag holding ur hand d:^)
  8. SBI - Mag - CD

    i just wanna see a competitive fight.. not like pacquiao vs mayweather were they just danced around for 12 rounds waiting for their bank balances to go up... im just a fight fan.. not taking sides..
  9. SBI - Mag - CD

    packit du still drunkmand Oce? ive missed u calling everyone shit and going afk for beer lel
  10. BG vs 2 bads (JQ/DB)

    again... sums it up nicely...
  11. BG vs 2 bads (JQ/DB)

    sums it up really...
  12. BG vs 2 bads (JQ/DB)

    this is some of the poorest quality PvF i have ever read..
  13. BG vs 2 bads (JQ/DB)

    when will anet notice all these pushes by BG to ascend to tier 0 'The Higher Plane Of PPT'... then let the other 2 teams in 'Tier 0' constantly be queued by eotm player's.. thus creating an equal skill level and quantity of players on each team u knows it makes sense.. lel p.s i havent even logged on this week so how am i '' getting 100 rekt!!! ''
  14. SBI-DB-MAG

    weak.. now im bored again cunt..
  15. SBI-DB-MAG

    is that what was written on your report card?.. mommy must be proud d;^)