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  1. Fun roaming fights this week. Cheers
  2. I'll be back in town tnite we should have 5ish if yall wanna duke it out
  3. you can hear the #magswag from sbi bl
  4. who is your favorite babe. here is my sunshine cooldog26. She spec'd into iguana so she can no scope you without looking. +5 accuracy -5 mobility
  5. Hell ya I'll hit ya up tuesday when I'm back in town We won the battle of general tso! eggroll rong time
  6. Would y'all be down for pug scrims sometime this week? Or asura ball? Or 5v5s
  7. If that strategic gameplay was also majestic it would definetely need a nerf
  8. Should be a fun week won't be back on until Tuesday but if anyone wants to do 5v5s hit me up
  9. Had a blast shitting on your havoc guilds all week Actually expected a better fight from yall tbh. Caught REV without a zerg and we shit canned them 5v10 without even going under 90% health lol.. Stick to blobbing
  10. It's like it's trying to speak or something. Sayed.
  11. Shitty sigil use concentration
  12. Did crowd fry really transfer to hod because he wanted to be the only chink tag? It's like he was mad the other tags were stealing his doors void bringing back the necro minion run except condi this time. Member 2 years ago . I was so bad at the time check that skill clicking. beast mode lol tmr server queue minion run prepare your cpu's
  13. It's going to be boring for both sides not all groups are into the massive Zerg fights. which ends up being a shit show because mag has no group to fight but FA doesn't want to partake in the skill lag spam 1 fights. Just seems like different playing styles that don't really mix to well
  14. Jaja sayed
  15. lol