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  1. @Uncensored go back to pve fag why are you worried about that just kill bitches. /wrist #magswag You'll get it eventually @Isryel Works every time wait for the new update @Serkit voids mastermind. 5man min maxed comp about to unleash on mag. Spread your buttholes we're going in dry #madaLOL
  2. AW YISS!!!! #MAGSWAG. have fun all. monday aids comp. see ya then
  3. Good fights hadan
  4. Fun fights tonight cheers
  5. I won't be on tnite. Saturday is for the boys. But the rest of the week will be fun. we run 8-10pm most nights. See yall around
  6. Hell ya should be a fun week for roaming cheers cunts
  7. 17-0 don't be a little bitch my guild is literally autistic alchi's you should have no problem. You should hear us in ts lol it's like Stephen hawking fucked an owl while dita flashes her tits no one has no idea what's going on but we're better than you
  8. Awesome fights tnite we had 9, but the zergs at the end was a bit much. Bring back no aoe caps so shitters get punished
  9. Guess who's back bois that's right your grub is fucked now
  10. Yall are retarded for going there in the first place lol
  12. Ayy cheers cunts hopefully a fun matchup although tc seems dead as fuck. If anyone wants to epeen 5v5s - packit.8576. Cat guild already destroyed next. My main is banned until July 4th FREEDOM bitch. When I return we plan on bulking up to 15 should be a good shit show lol 😂 Only on Sunday and Monday this week though. vacation baby. lol Have fun and have a safe holiday. Cheers faggots Void Cares Sometimes