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  1. Mag - BG - JQ

    This site should just redirect to the discord it's so much more aids. Solid dump thanks for the read
  2. You really must be a shitter if you'd rather do tequatl over grub busting
  3. Mag - BG - JQ

    Hell ya fun week. Cheers!
  4. Mag - BG - SOS

    I'm a S1 mag veteran now? Originally from GoM. It comes down to casual players that fat finger for a living or people who wanna log on and kick ass. You don't have to join anyone's raids, but different commanders hold different expectations
  5. Mag - BG - SOS

    BG'S kdr being preserved by power outages RIP the dream
  6. Mag - BG - SOS

    Back to eotm
  7. Everyone is on discord now. I was late to the party. BYOB warrior isn't really viable anymore
  8. BG will be deleted next week lol back to eotm. Looking forward to shitting on QQ already have a birdie calling locations gg
  9. Mag - JQ - DB

    I forgot how retarded these chinks are thanks for the fights
  10. Mag - JQ - DB

    Quit eating dogs it's fucked up. Did you leave QQ from bg ? Does this dude even engrish
  11. Mag - JQ - DB

    The battle of the pan face!!
  12. SBI - Mag - CD

    never go full tron mode
  13. SBI - Mag - CD

    Then fight us and quit being a pussy? I already handicap myself playing drunk lol Ihonestly have no idea who you are. I thought u we're some NSP shitter unless you transferred
  14. SBI - Mag - CD

    @Fresh Prince of GGGG sent it in a pm. Same shit for scourge unless something gets nerfed. After destroying 1v3's send a courtesy dick pic to @Serkit she's the mastermind behind meta aids
  15. SBI - Mag - CD

    Idk how someone bitches about a roaming aids comp when half you fags can't even do shit without a Zerg. Of course we run that shit we face smash zergs with 0 fucks given and if you play full cele necro you're just fucking yourself. Crunch the numbers