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  1. I only said we don't like each other not enough do form a doubleteam against a third server.
  2. I didn't brag about capping anything. I was the commander on Abaddons and your nightshift thought it would be a good idea to attack our keep with 30-40 players. Wasting 12 omegas and also 6-8 trebs on anza hills in about two hours. Only to then lose t3 SM to about 5 drakkar. Also it's still called "Blobaddon" or "Blobanur"/"Dzagodon" while we're linked with dzagonur. Also you should check this: http://gw2timer.com/?page=WvW&enu_Server=2204 Check the ppt-focus all the way to the right. You don't get doubleteamed. If Drakkar + we would doubleteam you you would be in last place. We don't like each other enough to doubleteam anyone. Go back to t4 cause we want elona back. They're way more fun than you.
  3. RoF losing T3 SM to a handful of drakkar while they try to capture our red keep on EB with 30+ and having 5 trebs on anza hills. Never go full-focus.
  4. Schön, wie sich erst mal der 10-15er "Morgenzerg" von Drakkar ins T2 Ogerwacht reinbuggt(ca. 7.10Uhr). Inklusive reihenweise bekannter Gilden.
  5. Hagrid Glade vs Kodashians vs blobbadons

    Next week is going to be Elona vs. AM+DZ vs. RoF+AG+BT. So I guess the PPT ist going to stay
  6. Like I said: It's fine for defending T3 stuff. My point was that RoF doesn't need someone from DL to show them how to drop ACs since AG can cover that
  7. I think you can just ask some AG players. Sunday night they placed 20-25 superior ACs while we(AM) tried to kill the lord to get our bay back. I'm ok with placing ACs to defend a T3 keep but DAMN that were at least ACs worth 800+ supplies while we were already standing at the lord.
  8. AG vs GH vs Blobbadons

    Well the match is over but I got some salt from yesterday for everyone: We(some abaddon players) were doing our guildmissions on the RoF border and that vaabi player was really mad about us escorting yaks. Damn! Green=me; Red=him http://imgur.com/dkKJyRk Also, since I postet them in our serverforum anyway here are some videos from my leads on monday and tuesday. So if anyone wanted some bleeding ears from germany commanding here you go: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCUF4IDL0dX2rodpVNjsazT-o_4yLC7l3 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCUF4IDL0dX0sijIxDHpFy0D20apdM-z4
  9. deso v am v elona

    Not involved in any of that stuff but just saw that "Balkehfuanet" guy in one of our screens in mapchat. That guy is soooo salty.
  10. deso vs sfr vs abadon

    "pure burte force" is pretty much what you did to our palace-keep for the last hours:P
  11. New Site

    Is there any way to get the "Videos" section back? Imo it was always a nice collection of good and sometimes funny wvw-related videos from EU and NA. I think it was the only "collection" of this kind. Would it maybe even be possible to import the posted videos from the old site? I know Vyx said he won't give the database etc. for security reasons and thats good but maybe it's possible to get just the youtube-links for the videos somehow?