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  1. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    TIL TIL is a 4chan abrevation and not common
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    Piken comm RQ after wiping with 5 sup ACsopen field
  3. Im not quite sure if you understand that graphic. Having a positive K/D on all BLs doesnt mean you are getting farmed. Having a negative K/D on all maps (except PPT Heaven Red BL) like FSP on the other hand...
  4. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    "good guilds"
  5. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    If Piken puts their kills together with RS they close to the amount of kills of Vabbi.
  6. Thanks fabz for the (organized) fights and the fun afterwards on BB BL Was a nice sunday, hope everyone had fun.
  7. Golem 1111 dmg > SFR/Pikuna zerg
  8. Thanks for this nice morning SFR. Was fun, especially in OW.
  9. dude that is some solid cringe material. subbed.
  10. Cant wait for meta to shift to synthwave! Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBKc4ZI9XRs
  11. Sometimes, after i ate some really hot and spicy food and gotta hit the bowl, there is something coming out of me, that I would still love more and take out for dinner and so on than any of AMX. For real, and i mean it dead serious, go kill yourself.
  12. I find it kinda funny that no matter how tryhard NUKE and Piken goes on friday, they have 0 chance to win this MU. The difference, even if vabbi looses now every single skirmish, will be 1 single VP