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  1. Thanks TEC and GS for scrims tonight Also thanks to BAM and WaR for fights after
  2. Currently Looking for - 2 Melee Ele 1 Rev
  3. Thanks for fights tonight and thanks to ES for scrims, was fun
  4. Thanks! No plans to move from RoF just now, plenty guilds to fight here so its good practise.
  5. Dawn of The Drágon [DAWN] is recruiting active WvW players. We are a semi hardcore guild looking to expand on our core player base. We are looking for players who are motivated to improve and adapt to changes. We are mainly focused on raids and training at the moment but will move more towards GvG soon. Raid Days - Sunday @ 7pm UK Monday @ 7pm UK Wednesday @ 7pm UK What we are looking for - Active players who are dedicated and looking to improve. Must have a working mic and use it during raids. Look to get guild builds asap. Attend at least 2 raids per week. Currently Recruiting - 1x Guardian 2x Rev 1x Scrapper Other classes will also be considered. Contacts - Guild leader - Kai (snake.6734) Officers - Hushy (Hushy.9530) or Rob (DaBowsa.7836)
  6. Thanks for fights tonight, was pretty decent