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  1. looking for fights this upcoming Thursday 05/25/17
  2. Eh, I'll just try and find GvGs for us tonight if I don't run into any guilds. Steamrolling is fun for like 5-minutes, then it gets old and makes you super soft if you do it the whole night.
  3. no bully
  4. You remind me of a younger version of @Google Deez, except your shit posting is maybe a 3/10 where his is like an 8/10. One of these days we'll get along you just don't know it yet. We will respect each other.
  5. Respect is when 60+ mag aren't blobbing your ass running 20.
  6. I never respected mag, even when I was on mag. I heard Mag was a good roaming server for a while so I jumped ship to roam around on mag but then I found out that I wasn't ever able to get decent roaming fights in because the "cloud" as they say was just as bad then as it is now, it's been the culture of that server since I can remember. So I transferred to FA and I got to roam against all the mag roamers and it was a lot more satisfying taking on 1v2s, and even 1v3s. At that time I also had a PvP / Havoc guild and we found a lot of good out-numbered havok / roaming fights. People who are on FA that try and fight on level ground with mag are the people who take those steps against an outnumbered situation, it's the fucking care-bear "if i die in game i die in real life" players who are just afraid to do anything except build their safety siege and reside in the safety of their objectives.
  7. Tyrion, luv ya bud but this is the kind of stuff that turns guilds away from GvG and this is why GvG has this stigma. I think it's nice to see [BnR] come through with a "W" since we've scrimmed with them many times, It just means [VR] had a reality check and I'm hopeful of another GvG between them, the rematches are always hype AF.
  8. [DIE] is LOOKING FOR Guardians & Revenants for our front-line composition. But, we're accepting applications for all WvWers who are interested in joining [DIE]. If you're interested mail me in game @ Haematic.4913, apply @ http://Lnd-gw2.com/apply We rally 15-20+ members a night. Must rally Monday, Sunday & Thursday(Theme/GvG Night) @ 8:30PM EST - or - 2/3 days as listed (preferably on Sun/Mon and Thurs/GvG day).
  9. Yes, I have a nasty little cold but its okay I was hyped up on meds tonight. I was going to be out tonight but since I was sick I ended up staying in and trying to pugmand some tonight. At one point I had 3 guilds chasing my 10-20 or whatever I had for militia and I just told FA to run if they behave that way, then engage them if they're willing to fence on level ground.
  10. Mag just seems bored so they just blob whatever they see because everyone avoids them. I can understand to a certain extent because some nights you'll be out and be annoyed there's no fights, so you'll tag and bag and move along because you're bored to death. Chances are if you maybe standby and swap fights with some of the FA / SOS guilds they'll stick around longer than if you blob them and they map hop.
  11. I try not to raid in EBG for this reason. It's pretty aids if you go into there and expect to find other guilds to find around balanced numbers. Alpines are always the best for any guild that's trying to find fights. Too bad we rally like an hour earlier than most, so usually we're forced to start in EBG for a little bit.
  12. obviously you just need a competent group of players to fight everyone knows FA is known for their casual bags
  13. Thanks [BnR] for the 15s tonight.
  14. It seems guilds are GvGing regularly for sport more than anything else. There are a few GvG specific guilds out there but they are the minority these days.
  15. Taking it just fine, it would be a lot more exciting fighting them head-on instead of them having to rely on their big brother [WE]. I won't win every fight <vs> the thicc group, but we have our moments. Just sayin'