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  1. Mag is a christian server. Excuse you. Rood.
  2. tag n' bag boiz
  3. kys cinna
  4. Lies, everytime I'm rallied I hear they're all on the same map and getting farmed by [xD].
  5. I see @QuickRain, but hes usually sub 15s so unless they're in my way I don't engage them because I'm usually running between 20-25. I'm just poking him to get a solid 15+ so I can ask him for some brawls, sometime.
  6. All I can say about this matchup is ... I've enjoyed fighting YB guilds despite some of the most cancerous scenarios, it was much better than the Mag/CD matchup; [AI] wins the guild with biggest balls award this matchup. Everytime I'm rallied during an SBI matchup, I never see anyone but [KRTA] ... so I better see the [DOCCCPKRTA] blob next time we're matched up, I'm tired of the dodging TBH. @QuickRain please recruit a couple more esports players so we can have a proper haem & quickrain tootsie brawl somewhere.
  7. that was very YB of them.
  8. EBG is cancer and I'm never going back. I broke my own rule of not raiding in EBG. Mistakes were made!
  9. stream ended early b/c our resident streamer had a PvE raid to attend to.
  10. here's the mini map http://imgur.com/a/nQUN5 two green dots, not even in the tower, maybe two green names in our little squad pushing up the stairs. two squad members not even at the tower yet here's a full image http://imgur.com/a/SNHzu
  11. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/hot/QoL-Request-PvE-PvP-WvW-Rules-for-GH-Arena/first#post6641980 Hi, I wanted to suggest the following QoL update for the guild hall arenas. This comes from a discussion I’ve had with the WvW community in particular, but this QoL applies to the three separate game modes. Each game mode has it’s respective combat and skill rules. My QoL requisition in it’s simplest form would be to have an NPC that can set the rules for the Arena, which means that if the players choose PvE rules, PvE rules will apply, if they select PvP rules, PvP rules will apply and if they select WvW rules, WvW rules will apply. For instance - PvP players can rally 1-5 team members in down state contingent on finishing an enemy team downed player. PvP exclusive skill behavior In PvP, Stealth breaks target. WvW players can rally 1 team member in down state contingent on finishing an enemy team downed player. WvW exclusive skill behavioir WvW specific Retaliation In WvW, Stealth breaks target and squad markers. PvE specific Retaliation In PvE, stealth breaks target. In PvE, certain performance enhancing boosters buff player damage, reduce damage taken, etc. Thanks for reading, ~ Haematic
  12. I just always used to get excited for an SBI matchup, I always found the FA/SBI matchups to be very fun both in the pigeon farming and guild assjam fights. Now they're just kind of there, doing SBI things. Maybe it's my rally time being a 1/2 hour earlier than most but the hype just isn't there anymore from the SBI matchup. YB on the otherhand has been pretty fun. I'm still hopeful for a YB/JQ/FA matchup.
  13. I'm not trolling, SBI literally had enough people on the map that they drew two separate orange swords on map. They didn't have a tag -or- they just didn't want to fight outside of their bay / spawn tower because everytime we caught them PPTing outside of those objectives they would port or jump off cliffs. I'm sorry but [KRTA] has at least 18 last night because we ran into them once before we ended raid last night and they had their mag-rushers with them in SWT placing them at around 30-bodies in that tower. The cool thing about streaming our raids and people recording is that you can actually shit-post 10x better because you got FACTS. http://imgur.com/a/Ctm9l
  14. [DIE] is LOOKING FOR Mesmers & Tempests for our front-line composition. But, we're accepting applications for all WvWers who are interested in joining [DIE]. If you're interested mail me in game @ Haematic.4913, apply @ http://Lnd-gw2.com/apply We rally 20+ members a night. Must rally Monday, Sunday & Thursday(Theme/GvG Night) @ 8:30PM EST - or - 2/3 days as listed (preferably on Sun/Mon and Thurs/GvG day).