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  1. https://youtu.be/1_YX0r5dIpw Newly formed semi-hardcore WvW guild based on Gunnars hold. Accepting new applications go check out our website and send in an application.
  2. Channel Announcement

    Yo, roaming guild on GH named "Northern Warriors" based off Celtic, viking etc theme. Starting 10th of Dec, high octane gameplay and editting to be expected. Please go subscribe and support, SPREAD THE WORD https://youtu.be/CYahzi4M4kw
  3. Warrior roaming, Chill music with some chilled lazy gameplay, thought i'd make a compilation and was tempted to commentate what and what not to do in warrior v warrior, I make a lot of mistakes in the video because this was taken before i joined [AnC] though the next lot of footage will be some good stuff. ^^
  4. To the people who were saying i fanboy / copied Ash.. How? Someone from dT said it during our raid, that this is how we prepare for GvG.. and i thought it sounded cool for a video. so... Idk... I haven't seen any Ash vids with this Title. Sorry if i have accidentally "copied" ash, wasn't my intention
  5. [pA] Paradoxium - Power Rev

    Nice job!
  6. Paragon [PrG] Ruby

    Sorry i must downvote this, because you are too good at using Epidemic and Engi pulling people.
  7. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Good luck , Hope to fight against you guys soon
  8. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    YO mate, I'm the Gandara commander from EB tonight on reset, i just tagged down. And, I QQ'd 1 time about being moa'd and engi pulled. If you watch Vendolls stream, you see that i got moa'd 4 - 5 times for 3 fights, and pulled every fight, all the time, even when im not in a fight.. i was getting pulled by AMX people Even through all of this, we only declined you 2 fights, then, We farmed you and Piken square, all night. Even when both the commanders from FSP and PS were repping the same guild, and double pushing me. It's really funny, because then your commander RQ from me wiping Piken and yourselves at Wildcreek for 1 hour So.. i really enjoyed reset, i got 20 Tomes of KNowledge, i got 2 stacks of bags, we got the highest KD and the highest tick.. So.. E Z F I G H T S