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  1. Nice job!
  2. Sorry i must downvote this, because you are too good at using Epidemic and Engi pulling people.
  3. Good luck , Hope to fight against you guys soon
  4. YO mate, I'm the Gandara commander from EB tonight on reset, i just tagged down. And, I QQ'd 1 time about being moa'd and engi pulled. If you watch Vendolls stream, you see that i got moa'd 4 - 5 times for 3 fights, and pulled every fight, all the time, even when im not in a fight.. i was getting pulled by AMX people Even through all of this, we only declined you 2 fights, then, We farmed you and Piken square, all night. Even when both the commanders from FSP and PS were repping the same guild, and double pushing me. It's really funny, because then your commander RQ from me wiping Piken and yourselves at Wildcreek for 1 hour So.. i really enjoyed reset, i got 20 Tomes of KNowledge, i got 2 stacks of bags, we got the highest KD and the highest tick.. So.. E Z F I G H T S
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DohARbSw4iQ&t=97s Please support me! <3