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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    I'm not on RS and Holy anymore and Bez meant Celestial Impact not Holy Inquisition
  2. T1-T5 MU thread

    @IamNotDisco Sexiest Screenshot ever ps: Sweet Moa @Bez One Leap Ok Down @Bez no Honor @Bez the ugly i hope we meet us again for some new Moa Pics
  3. Oktoberfest 2.0 (RS-Kodasch-Aba/Miller)

    Spielt doch alle Full Nomad ..ihr macht dann zwar immernoch kein dmg aber man kann euch nicht so facerollen LeL donations gehen natürlich auch an mich für den Tipp ..danke
  4. Gunnaabi - Riverside

    WTF 5 WEEKS fucking FSP and now we have a new matchup and @YouwillHidey still on our fucking topics ..nobody know u and ur PvE Guild [JD] pls dont write anything if u are not included in any way wtf
  5. FSP-Piken-RS

    Nah we dont add but maybe he meant my Shield 5 on Mesmer ..i had more than 15 kills with it like the size of Gang lol dmg was over 9000 new Supersayajin?!?!
  6. FSP-Piken-RS

    Congrats @BijuuMode ur first Outnumbered action? with Full Nomad Gear pls Anet Honor him ..Honor Grandpa Biju
  7. FSP-Piken-RS

    https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pink_Moa_Tonic easy to farm @Schweigi but dont troll as much as Bez but i dont know how to simulate Pulls
  8. FSP-Piken-RS

    2 Wins in 5 weeks ? Good W/L
  9. FSP-Piken-RS

    Thanks for the compliment ..but i'm the only one who Moa not every Holy member ..learn this ..u focus my Commander? i will fuck the shit out of yours
  10. FSP-Piken-RS

    yeah sure only Moa Commanders are good Commanders lol @Doc
  11. FSP-Piken-RS

    its not the fail of the guilds who runs it ..you try to be the first guild who rek with Power? Good luck with that u saw the result of the last weeks but Keep going its fun for us c:
  12. FSP-Piken-RS

    @Nourdin Pancake it looks like that GW is ur first and only game u ever played ..its always the same in every PvP/Ranking System also in PvE Speedclears. i give u a lesson if u didnt play other games but ..Follow a Meta is a must have if u want to take a place in Highrankings ..or be a God in ur Current Build... thats it and i think u have to learn alot to represent a "Hardcore Player" i agree with ur Hate against condi setups or Condi only player but yeah its a Key to Win a Fight ..sometimes Keep that in Mind and just fight ..not run like a girl Good Luck
  13. FSP-Piken-RS

    After 5 weeks everyone knows that fsp is the server with most crying Transboys Gang want to fight and end after 2 fights Kill is blobbing and inc Scrim Position and at the end ...Grandpa Biju is trying to 1v1 with his condi nec or Nomad Mess GG the salt is over because its like a feature in Gw2.. u log in and try to roam u will see AMX after leaving ur Keep and if u start guildraids there are more clouds than apple have lol
  14. FSP-Piken-RS

    Thx for fights on Piken Border Special THX to Bez and Kill for Even Number fights and Nice Troll with Pink Moa Tonic our Mesmers and Engis were very confused LEL Good Nite
  15. FSP - Deso - RS

    Wow @Botinhas nokia 3210 Have a camera? ..didnt know that. Nice Screenshot quality moa Counter: 89 2 Days left