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  1. Mag - BG - SOS

    On SoSBL - BG was running as 1 solid map queue, while on Mag - PYRO and TIE were attempting to run separately. So of course the map queue is going to run over each respective group individually. But there were plenty of fights where once TIE and PYRO combined, we ran over BG faster than k-trainers could kill a tower lord. But I'm sure that retard is going to post here any minute "100% rekt" after BG's 25/8 coverage PPT's empty towers overnight. The only thing we're missing is JQ in this matchup. But overall I had a lot of fun the few hours I could stand the lag.
  2. SBI - Mag - CD

    Everything about this game is aids.
  3. SBI - Mag - CD

    @Packit who you got tonight!!?? My brother put 500 on Mayweather but those odds are shit and he won't make any money. I already told him he'll black out before the fight anyway so it doesn't matter.
  4. SBI - FA - YB

    @Packit I run basically the same thing, except with TB rings + accessories and viper neck/back. Pure aids

    Fukken #magswag bois
  6. SBI - MAG - SOS

    You sound a little too invested in this 5 year old game. My suggestion would be to take a week or two off. If you actually get upset over someone calling you a faggot, idiot, fucking retard (etc..) over the Internet, then you probably have some deep seeded issues to deal with.
  7. SBI - MAG - SOS

    Shit, I had pugged with Bloodie and VR a bunch when he ran open tag, and from what I remember, he definitely explains shit, even to the pugs (who manage to get into TS). People have issues with Bloodie because he is abrasive like Isryrel said. But he doesn't want people running shit builds/medium classes and that's his choice if he's commanding. But if you're on a solid class and aren't 1 pushing because of your gear choices, he'll tell everyone what utilities to run, when to use them, and talk about why certain fights were lost. He might not explain shit every time, but saying he never explains things is a lie.
  8. SBI - MAG - SOS

    I'm pretty sure someone told me that Bloodie's power source died on his desktop, so he's been playing (or trying) on a laptop. I've seen him on plenty of times, but only for short periods. I'm pretty sure Scarr has been driving VR lately.
  9. Who is the best meme commander?

    Good to know my man Molassas Muscles is on top. Love that guy.
  10. BG-MAG-JQQ

    Mag doesn't even go to EOTM in these scenarios. They just don't log in lol.
  11. BG-MAG-JQQ

    Was running around with the THEE man, THEE myth, THEE legend, the one, the only - the miracle himself, Molassas Muscles. We couldn't do shit but had fun regardless. Most memorable moment (other than that fucking age-long SMC 3 way) was when we broke into BG's garrison while JQ was inside. We walked up to east inner just as JQ was wiping and had BG flow over the walls like a river of death wiping all 8 of us in under 3 seconds. It was glorious.

    The only guild from Mag that I regularly see in the DBL is CTH. But overall, I'm sure most guild groups prefer to stay off DBL whenever possible, no matter what server they're on.
  13. BG-JQQ-YB

    @Thorton That siggy is fucking gold. Made my day.
  14. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Anyone thinking of trying out Dauntless whenever it becomes available? I'm a sucker for Mon Hun games, but the Switch is failing me with no MH title. It looks similar, not a huge fan of the more "cartoony" graphics though.