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  1. Anyone thinking of trying out Dauntless whenever it becomes available? I'm a sucker for Mon Hun games, but the Switch is failing me with no MH title. It looks similar, not a huge fan of the more "cartoony" graphics though.
  2. Is there much activity on IOJ and/or their link? I'm considering moving servers and am looking for people similar in size to dick around with.
  3. There are like 2 guilds who will go to the desert BL. No one on mag really gives a shit and won't put forth the effort to defend red BL unless it's a T3'd fire/aire keep and/or Garri. Even then, it's hard to get people to swap maps during NA prime when mag is trolling the queue 24/7 lol.
  4. If you double dodge towards your enemy then you'll get to them faster, meaning you can kill hem before you need to dodge away!!
  5. He is obviously just being generous and ALLOWING BG to win this time around. Like c'mon guys, do you even know who we're talking about here??
  6. You also lose your stacks when WP'ng within the same map (i.e. SMC to spawn).
  7. 1. Yes I know the build has exotics in it, but I'm too poor right now. Build here This is what I normally run in smaller groups (I'll switch to staff with anything more than 10-15 usually). The nice part is - with the new food from the new zone (flashpoint or w.e) you'll each exactly 67% boon duration. Lemme know if you have any critiques or build advice.
  8. I think bloodie is funny and I love it when he says: stupid FUCKING retards dying on inc like a bunch of fucking IDIOTS! Lol
  9. @QuickRain The Illuminati needs Mag to stack MORE... for reasons.
  10. @Packit Thanks man, I've faced your group with random pugs before and we were absolutely destroyed. I just figured you really wouldn't want to run with more than your 5 (for squad stacking/boon sharing reasons). I figured I wouldn't really find what I'm looking for on Mag, but oh well. I would transfer off, but I don't have the gold to get back if/when I wanted. Idk how WvW'rs make gold, I'm constantly poor.
  11. Kinda bored, looking for more of a - C A S U A L - roaming (yet organized) group on mag to run with. I mostly play a mid/front line aura/heal ele. Looking for something similar to VOID or even XT. I really don't care about wiping and won't rage quit. I also have ts3 so you can yell at me when I fuck up. I can't really dedicate to being "hardcore" because my wife has my nuts in her desk drawer at work. But I can play 3/4 nights per week (mostly weekends with a few weekdays sprinkled in), sporadically. Thanks Rektlol.8293
  12. Dammmnnn
  13. @LordGreen I definitely understand what you're getting at, but that's the beauty of a massive sandbox'y pvp game mode. Plus if you don't want to chase the "cloud" after a group has been broken, then don't... the cloud formation thing only works because other servers let it. All you really need to do is keep your group tight and don't let anyone fall behind to get picked off. Commanders could just ignore it, but most typically choose to turn the whole group around because 2-3 people get downed (because they were typically chasing or being retarded).
  14. I'm not sure I understand. So you're saying that you'd rather have the enemy zerg WP and reform for another fight when they're losing? But then you'd just complain that Mag runs from fights w/o superior numbers lol. I get the whole wanting "fights with equal numbers and proper comps" thing, but your average open field fight isn't a GvG. Which is also why I don't get why people think pin-sniping is cheesy. Should we just leave commanders alive and not touch them? I get that it's frustrating, but c'mon lol. Seems there is always something to complain about. Makes me think about when I was 12-13 years old and thought my PS1 was cheating