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  1. Nah I meant last week actually. Desolation Kills: 23,893 Deaths: 33,774 Ratio: 0.71
  2. Holy crap, Deso's KDR is like national server levels, yet same MU this week.. gg Maybe ppl will get organized to fight.
  3. Lol.
  4. RIP Desospeak.
  5. Anet has to, but they have no clue obviously lol.
  6. Just adjust population and it'll be fine. Links are generally messy.
  7. The Arena still uses PVE condition damage modifiers, doesnt it?
  8. Just blast light fields.
  9. The same as always, Deso rises to Nr 1, get's a bunch of bandwagoners and Guilds, so at least it isn't all that bad, but then Deso will get unlinked and drop down after.
  10. I guess people stopped asking Anet for support after a while, it took them a while, to nerf CoR and gunflame, adjust the boon meta. I guess gvgs in the guild arena were just an afterthought, not like the OS. I agree it's not entirely dead, althoug, I doubt many guilds would come back, unless the next expac isn't horrible.
  11. Still no GvG Arena expansion though and the OS is rarely used afaik.
  12. HE had 25-30 in squad.