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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    So relink time is finally here, let's see how Anet messes things up this time, but it's a good time to get rid of any bandwagoners. The Alliance thing won't be at least, till after 2-3 relinks.
  2. T1-T5 MU thread

    Those fights on DBL and EB were pretty dull tbh, way too much pirate ship,. IDK what went on EB before everyone hopped there, but then Drakkar mostly disappeared after the weekend, apart from the group who tries to ninja DBL since Saturday and their HBL group, who seem to hide inside keeps. In terms of quality though, there's more vanilla class/PVE build pugs and the usual T1 bandwagon, not that you need much quality here atm. This is T1, but it doesn't feel like it, the game is 5/6 years old, with a pretty boring meta. There aren't massive queues anymore, but you still have plenty of PPT heroes around . May the bandwagon carry our servers.
  3. Poor DL gettin focused

    Sounds like fun fighting Drakkar, meanwhile Deso/WSR is PPTing themselves to T1, the promised land of siege wars.
  4. What happend to Vabbi?

    I've already seen kimberlite on sfr or AG (linked with Shino rip) thankfully. Hopefully Deso keeps away, from any of the low quality bandwagon pugs, we already have afkers and disorganized pugs, usually found on EB. I even spotted a scourge minion master, the other night. No more signet necros please. It would be nice to see some old Deso players, even if it's on a linked server. Anet will never unlock Deso.
  5. Man the old Deso community was awesome, besides the drama and queues. Still it's better than 1 or 2 years ago, when there were so few commanders and Guilds left,until Vabbilation happened. We had Fabz, who couldn't even wipe Stench. Magnetron, made an appearance these past few weeks and no one knows him lol. It's just too bad there's still many pugs on here, who still have to learn basics and get proper builds. I can't believe my thief is 5 years old.
  6. Poor broski being lumped in there, lol.
  7. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    I know i was there, still deso is a pretty casual wvw server. On EB we had a minion necro tagged up aswell. I've been on other servers too, you cant change how everyone plays though, at least some of them eventually learn to play something that actually support the group and wants to improve/keep playing wvw. Even the ones, who get downed after the first engage, so many don't know what stab, dodge, red circles or any of their rotations are. The game is 5 years old, of course you'll get new players, its just some just dont want to learn about the game mechanics. I wonder where people will bandwagon now though. You already have threads like these, T1 isn't all that anyway. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/wuv/Vabbi-lets-me-down I'm sure you miss deso ganking you shino, welcome to t2.
  8. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    We try, but most pugs on here run some funky builds, with some useless signets and generic ranger bearbows. Tyrion would have too many to kick.
  9. sfr vs js vs deso

    Yeah double teaming happens, it seems as though Deso and JS are focusing SFR hard during the week. Deso's gone PPT crazy, we've got numbers, but most people run about with bad builds and avoid TS most of the time. Deso will never get linked with the population on here, but I give up trying after 5 years almost, trying to make it even, a little bit more than casual (even though wvw is quite casual anyway), if they won't join TS or even a Guild and use proper builds.
  10. sfr vs js vs deso

    Old gw2wvw Deso vs SFR drama> Deso vs SFR 2017 I miss laughing at Hellion at least. DOUBLE TEAMING
  11. EB Ogrewatch Exploit

    10/10 for lack of testing by Anet, especially for that ugly cliff they added.
  12. Jade Sea vs Deso vs Piken

    Please for the love of Desolation, take the shiny castle away from us It get's queued by pugs running around like lemmings and afking. Thx
  13. Jade Sea vs Deso vs Piken

    Thank fuck Deal didn't get 5 french servers this weekend, because piken lost the final skirmish by 1 point, gg.
  14. were to go next

    https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/wuv/120-Person-Guild-Moves-Servers/first#post6650916 lol. (before it's taken down)

    Yeah, I was saving ballistas for weeks before, but Anet gotta Anet, with Glicko. It might be time to upgrade to Alpha golem finishers though. I don't expect EB to be any different this week. There's just so much comm focus, like we're fighting FSP on Vabbi. I respect the [Ng] guys on Vabbi, I doubt they even want to see that happen.