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  1. lol. (before it's taken down)
  2. Yeah, I was saving ballistas for weeks before, but Anet gotta Anet, with Glicko. It might be time to upgrade to Alpha golem finishers though. I don't expect EB to be any different this week. There's just so much comm focus, like we're fighting FSP on Vabbi. I respect the [Ng] guys on Vabbi, I doubt they even want to see that happen.
  3. Why the heck did this change into desospeak shoutbox? It's like that anonymous guy secretly screenshotting our shoutbox drama back in the day and posting it on the old salt forums, except the drama was real.. Those were the crazy old days, like that neverending argument we had on ts between dvg and invi, among other dramalation things, this is more like deso brings domesticated drama with handbags.
  4. Deso isn't winning many skirmishes, but is still gaining Glicko, the current system isn't perfect.
  5. Deso will be stuck in T1, until they bring in one up and one down as a wvw feature, in the new expac.. Or when people actually stop PPTing so much, which they won't unless they pip farmers at night with outnumbered.
  6. Queues are alot shorter, especially over the weekend. Perhaps people realise it'll take forever to get what they want, or during the weekend, there's only been a couple of proper commander tags, rather than pip farmers. Most of us vets, are glad there's no more JS to one push.
  7. Now we know why Deso is Full most of the time.
  8. There seems to alot of players before the patch even hits, still I'm quite bored, hopefully GH/Vabbi keeps PPTing (and Deso too T3 and below are dull, unless roam I guess) got stacks of Ballistas ready.
  9. Nah I meant last week actually. Desolation Kills: 23,893 Deaths: 33,774 Ratio: 0.71
  10. Holy crap, Deso's KDR is like national server levels, yet same MU this week.. gg Maybe ppl will get organized to fight.
  11. Lol.
  12. RIP Desospeak.
  13. Anet has to, but they have no clue obviously lol.
  14. Just adjust population and it'll be fine. Links are generally messy.