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  1. FA-HoD-SOS

    Nah. Evil is going to enjoy tracking the BG/Mag/HoD match.
  2. FA-HoD-SOS

  3. Can't you guys just let BG 100% rekt? Or are they running off to EOTM again in hopes of opening up for PoF? Trying to build a wall here and keep BG out! TYBG.
  4. FA-HoD-SOS

    HoD's reset blobs just kept waypointing away from fights last time we faced them.
  5. DB - HOD - SBI

    Oh! Gimme all these bags... uh... put it in me without lube... Yea, uuuhhh, uuuhhhh, ooo yeaa... yes... bags.. yes...
  6. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    Basically, nothing you said challenges both the stats site and, well, you know... actual EU guild rally times.
  7. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    Maybe try fighting your own battles against JQ sometime?
  8. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    Oh boy. If you claim to know something, at least really know something. EU Prime starts up about 11am - noon PST. If you're getting run over at noon EST, that'll be SEA staying up late to make you whine. FA historically doesn't have good EU coverage. Even the stat site is placing FA's EU below YB's. Or as Chuckles would say, FA doesn't have as many seniors during the day as YB. https://wvwstats.com/timezones
  9. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    FA has EU guilds? Now this guy is for sure trolling.
  10. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    No need to attack JQ. They come to us.
  11. Mag - BG - SOS

    Clearly BG needs to be opened if they're losing their EBG keep and getting spawncamped. Pls Anet.
  12. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    @Thorton You got Purp and Mance. I heard you might need to add Aurust?
  13. Mag - BG - SOS

    Dead by Monday?
  14. Bum Buddies YB JQ

    Dunno why you would let yourself get spawn-camped.