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  1. 1 v 3 DOCCCPKRTA

    For some reason it reminds me of getting all the mobs grouped up in a GR in Diablo 3.

    So? I was talking about davidiven.

    He's not a Maguuma player though.

    Just wondering why you'd downvote someone talking about DOCCCCPKRTA.

    Why would you downvote davidiven?
  6. The 2000 lbs. fat man is bragging again. This time it was the springs in his car he broke.
  7. SBI - FA - YB

    LMFAO "three major blobs" You can watch my stream, babe. I mean, assuming you are referring to earlier tonight on FABL at west keep. But you go take that keep for the PPT from the "three major blobs".
  8. BG/DB/JQ

    Impro sounding like a 2000 lbs. fat man bragging about how easy it was to break the springs in his mattress.
  9. SBI - FA - YB

    Covering skill bars in 2017. Also, new shitposting meta: let's see them Guild Objective Aura levels boys!
  10. SBI - FA - YB

  11. JQQ - Mag - YB

    We know. God forbid you did anything difficult.
  12. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    Got my diamond chest without having to play as much this week. Thanks for the outnumbered pips!
  13. BG/DB/JQ

    You go, DB!
  14. DB - FA - BG tier 1

    "Black Gate has her flaws but we work hard to be a cohesive group of players. We are outnumbered all the time, ALL THE TIME! "