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  1. I'm pretty sure most of us FA "scrubs" don't give a rat's ass either.
  2. Well thank you @Haematic, I didn't know you cared.
  3. When I was a wee shitter like you, I thought I knew everything too.
  4. Cancer, in general, tends to trigger a lot of people. Would you like to schedule a colonoscopy with Dr. Deez?
  5. Ron and Keith were pretty wild back then, so that doesn't surprise me. I was at a little club in north Dallas called Cardi's that was well known for live music and big name artists. David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) was performing. He did a set and I thought it sounded like shit to be honest. Turns out he was freebasing Coke in the dressing room, prior to and after his first set. I just about shit myself when the FBI raided the place and hauled him off to jail on drugs and weapons charges. I think that night was also one of Cardi's infamous 10 cent drink nights. I was shitfaced from drinking Kamikazes.
  6. Saw them back in 81' at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park, Dallas, Tx. Two sold out shows on Saturday and Sunday. I went Saturday and it rained. I didn't give a shit, and apparently Mick didn't either. Sumbitch was running back and forth on a long catwalk that stretched out to the sides and back about 50', dancing like a spastic rooster. That was the Tattoo You tour.
  7. Oh yeah... thanks for my music suggestion for the evening.
  8. In my mind I feel young, but when my mind tells me to do some shit I did when I was younger, my body says, "fuck you".
  9. I wouldn't consider that a compliment. I have two sons older than you, and they're both fucking idiots, but they are far more mature than you are. Maybe it's a cultural thing, or maybe Mommy and Daddy treated you special because you're the youngest.
  10. I like pussy, but I can't lay around and fuck all day. I've got other shit to do, like run three separate businesses, and this is my busy part of the season/year.
  11. I'm guessin' he's a kid, fairly young. He's full of piss and vinegar. He hasn't figured out the "end game" yet.
  12. Let me guess, "figured you out" = added 10-15 players to his squad
  13. One of these days, when you find out what your "special purpose" is for, you'll forget all about this quest for world domination in a video game. For now, enjoy your masturbation, Mountain Dew, snacks and Guild Wars 2.
  14. Isryel rubbing one out and talking about the good ol' days...
  15. Mix it up is a reference to fighting.