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  1. T1-T5 MU thread

    But thats just because they have their somewhat strongest blob on reset always on EBG and only there. SO i guess they were farming some stray weekend pipboys for a while.
  2. Vabbiworld / Piken Hold / Riverside

    In Tier 1 you find the Servers that do the most PPT, like constantly caring for Towers and even camps... - Vabbi does not PPT . Wth that I mean is, if attacking or defending a structure gives some good fights, yes, they'll gonna do it, but not for the purpose of capturing or keeping the structure, or keeping a tick. BB, FSP, Gandara, RS, Piken, SFR, etc... u have all these little grps that go around and care for camps and towers where Vabbi players just give a damn if its not resulting in a great zerg fight. Vabbi does 60%-80% of their points by PPK when they have something to fight, "only" 40% if enemies dont want to really, and even with 40% they are still #1 at "Points per PPK" EU and NA. You wanna be #1 Server in WvW? Cap stuff when Enemy is offline and bunker in there with loads of siege. Additional to that have loads of little groups flip camps and attack stuff all day long. Easy.
  3. Sums up the week: - FSP looked at SM from the outside... but had alsways stronk presence at desert border. Cant tell the difference between BB PPT and FSP PPT anymore really kek
  4. Piken Squire - Vabbi General - Seafarers Invader

    Well, the rams are for those who need participation for pips, the golems for our uplevels so they sustain a bit and the gens are for some protection so folks can be afk while pvd. Is all cool man.