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  1. thank god this shit didn't happen when all the good players were on deso
  2. Server loyalty 4 years into the game, LOL. We were loyal in the second year of the game when SFR - VIZ - DESO was top, but now don't expect us to be loyal when links make it easy for people to bandwagon on servers and ruin the experience.
  3. ty for calling me pro, but don't call me a retard pls.
  4. i don't think i want to understand
  5. greedy dies first push every time and that's no exaggeration
  6. boys, a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep. and you are all shit anyway l2p
  7. the vabbi dream is over boys it was fun while it lasted
  8. you are all shit
  9. toxic guy
  10. this is why you should play at night
  11. shino's rating is now 1689 step up yo game
  12. you mean this guy?
  13. thank you for the increase in rating
  14. fight me shino