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  1. shut up and don't complain about the drama keep going
  2. Who are LOOK? I only remember KISS joining the server when we didn't want them and then we all left.
  3. sounds like something from digimon, naruto or one piece.
  4. People still remember me from deso <3 What trauma am I having btw? I would cry if I played on that server again and found out you guys were representing it. Truly shameful. Lol Rubio, I think I know who those people are without the white blanks. Is the first guy Ayna Micro the engineer and the other some person called "No More Name Change?"
  5. deso never had these problems 2 years ago i wish i could go back to that time
  6. I don't record much, but here are a few scenes I had saved away on my computer. Some are old and some are new--take your time and enjoy.
  7. were to go next

    thank god this shit didn't happen when all the good players were on deso
  8. were to go next

    Server loyalty 4 years into the game, LOL. We were loyal in the second year of the game when SFR - VIZ - DESO was top, but now don't expect us to be loyal when links make it easy for people to bandwagon on servers and ruin the experience.

    ty for calling me pro, but don't call me a retard pls.

    i don't think i want to understand