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  1. Obviously I'm mostly just showing our "wins" here, but be sure, they whiped us pretty good, too ^^. Thanks for fighting. And for watching <3. Kind Regards, Kroko
  2. T1-T5 MU thread

    Thanks to [oD] & [Ice] & [III] & [FTW] & [CA] for the fights tonight. Obviously I'm mostly just showing our "wins" here, but you guys whiped US pretty good, too :D. We, [DîrT], still have a long way to go - but atleast we're on a good path imho, and sometimes we even give you good fights ^^. Keep up the nice Raids, boyyyyyys \o/ Kind Regards, Kroko
  3. Poor DL gettin focused

    Hey guys, we're on Dzago atm - therefore we shall do our very best to give you as much fights as possible for the time being ^^. We're raiding 4 times a week, starting on 8pm UTC+1: Monday Wednesday Thursday Sunday Here is some footage from our fights yesterday: Mostly I do livestream our guildraids on https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche - and in my media library (https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche/videos/all) you can always re-watch the whole streams o/. Thanks for the fights, special shoutout to [Jd] and [III]. Regards Kroko -------------- Ah, and: Yes. I'm a cat. Sometimes. Deal with it.
  4. Hey boooooooys, here are some fights from our guildraid yesterday (01/11/2018). I mostly livestream them on https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche - where you aswell can watch the whole streams afterwards, if you happen to have missed it live. They're here: https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche/videos/all As these recordings are "replay-buffer-recordings" from my replay-buffer while streaming live they're a bit potato-ish looking, but I think you still should be able to get a picture from what we were trying to do there ^^. Thanks to everyone for the fights - shoutout to [Jd] and [III]. C u guys around :D. Regards, Kroko N.S.: "Some Fights" from 10/01/2018:
  5. Community Events

    On every Sunday in December (starting tomorrow) we, [DirT], will have an Advent-Livestream with lots of punch, a raffle, a wheel of fortune and some little prizes on https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche ^^. Here is the first Event: https://www.twitch.tv/events/7hh8YvwhT8mLC00tK9bAug And this is the redditpost: Every upvote helps - I'd be very grateful for your guyses support :). You'll be able to interact with us directly btw, no matter wich server you're from Regards, Kroko
  6. Twitch Stream Functionality Added

    Hey there o/. That's pretty neat, plz add me too. I do stream GW2 2-3 times per week ^^: https://www.twitch.tv/krokotasche
  7. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Hey there, I think you should go for it ^^. 6. Its not that bad. Actually is not that big of an impact as you can only glide in your own territory. 7. Jup. Especially the new Class Specialisations are 100% Meta, you'll need them. Guard < Firebrand, Necro < Scourge, Warrior < Spellbreaker, (...). Those 3 new classes have the biggest impact in WvW actually. The new Rev sucks in WvW, the new Ranger can be a good roamer but is not that relevant for zerg play, with the new Mes and the new Engi its pretty much the same. The Ele is kinda nice, though. 5. Jup. Mid- and Bicscale Fights are fun. If you enjoy Pirateshipping, that is. 4. Take a look at Full Ministrel Firebrand. Its very stronk! Dont run Soldier Armor Stats anymore, they're not that legit anymore. Especially take a look at these builds here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1phzuqND5_rWfx9dqrU0KaCyukEzWg_icTrEM4GdehEY/edit#gid=0 3. On Abaddon's Mouth everybody is welcome. But maybe there will be a little language-barriar as we're "dem germans" ^^. Anyways, our community is open. We already had some english commanders and the mayority of our community was perfectly ok with that :). For us it won't be a problem, as long as it is fine with you :D. 2. New Warrior (Spellbreaker) elite has been gamechanging. We call them "bubbles". Get your peeps out of their bubbles and put your bubbles on them. And we're pirateshipping again. Alot. Straightup Full-Yolo-Pushes against even numbers dont work anymore. 1. See 7. and 4. Regards Kroko
  8. [DîrT] Raid - Highlights

    Greetings o/. last Monday I livestreamed our [DîrT] Guild-Raid on EU Abaddon's Mouth/Dzagonur for the first time. This is a Highlight-Video including most the fights from the first hour: and here you can see the whole Raid (raw & uncut, whipes and fails included ^^): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/204784224 [DîrT] is a project of a few old veterans, coming together on Dzagonur and teaching their ways to less experienced players, we even got some "Bambis" in our rows :). Therefore our overall performance surely is far from perfect, but we're pretty satisfied with our development so far. We're clearly NOT focused on 15vs15, mostly we raid with around 25-30 ppl and try to break publics. If you want some more information about [DîrT] I'd be happy to speak and answer :). ------------------------ As ppl tend to criticise my personal performance when I stream our Raids, please let me give you some information in advance: - I've never been a member of a WvW-Raid-Guild before - I'm not a "pro" or whatsoever - I'm aware of the most of my bigger flaws in the shown gameplay, which are: generally using staff 2 too less; sometimes not using all of my tomes charges before tome-/weaponswap; using F2 - 3 too much (as it kinda sucks); sometimes blasting my last charge of a mantra when it would be better to wait some secs more to have a second charge and therefore not use tha last charge to have it on cd; and some more ^^. But this is also one part that I like about streaming and recording my gameplay: it allows me to look at my flaws very closely and it gives me great opportunity to get rid of them :D. So please be nice - because first of all I stream and record for your guyses entertainment \o/. Another thing: the attentive viewer will notice that the stability-management of our group sometimes is kinda fishy. I'm stab2 and my stab1 is a bambi. He's still in a early phase of learning his guard and I do my best to iron out his stability-game. But actually, for 2 times I myself stupidly burst my stab into enemy bubbles - so it's not just him ^^. Thanks you for your attention (/Ö.Ö)/ Regards Kroko
  9. Hi there, found some old footage and made a short vid out of it: Regards, das Krokodil