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  1. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    oh neeeiiin doppelpooost .. sauf dich tot scheisser
  2. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Ja ne ich wollt halt auch mal mit reden .. dachte vlt können mich wenigstewns die scheiss eN lappenkinder verstehen .. scheiss fickfrösche ^^ alles gute und so
  3. RoF/RoS/WSR vs. Elona vs. DZ/AM

    Shoutout to all the retarded fuckin punkass shit kidz reading this . .. idc 4 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *sing* bcz i´m the oneandonly3on1 jerk like u said u´d beeee bcz thisisallthatmatterzzz realleeeeeeeee .. in this tardgameee bullshitttt .. fu all ...

    Hellyeah wannabe retardbullshit talker too so i have to say : u ALL SUKK muahaa .. Schönen gruß an die beschissene Kinnergeburtstags fraktion .. gebt alles .. so schnell wird man erwachsen und dann nimmt euch keiner mehr ernst .. oh moment ..
  5. Bratwurstside-Moapeaks-Jizzsea

    if there was any kind of interesting activity from fleefightsea or faaaaaarawayshitofpeept ( see theres pee, shit and ppt in it ) than maybe someone would talk about something that´s worth it but .. if u guys keep it that way there´s nothin to talk about i guess .. and pls not the same old story about the RS morning ppt train .. People always complain about and forget that other servers do it 24 / 7 primary so go find some new story pls.
  6. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Hey remember whom u all are talking to .. Charr has been beating up Karma squads ! enjoy ur meal @Shòx
  7. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Now i see .. u forgot to take ur pills again @Charr Quinn
  8. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Wouldn´t count beating purple karma chat squads as success @Charr Quinn but i admit in ur world it maybe is.. so .. gg Could it be this Osama thing causing the lags ?
  9. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Alternative facts detected but i understand that u have to try dealing with the fact somehow that even if u make it to get some people @ tag they´ll keep playing theire heavy shitload cancer roaming builds so u still can´t fight ..except the times maybe when some less experienced com leads and 50% of our squad is filled with rallybots .. but hey if it makes u feel better i´m fine with that
  10. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Lack of Fuck u man .. why always try spreading hate ? More love needed out there Legit ... and btw ... RS needs u .. Doing Drunk raid atm but no opponents in sight
  11. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Clearly a 10/10. It is easy even though not everyone able to understand so .. if it is Rivercart and Gankdara it has to be Whiteside Bitch bcz of it´s the only way making it fit into the salty bullshit posted by punkz here. Got it? Still not? Nvm and don´t worry one day u will be able to understand .. keep believing
  12. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Hm ... should be Whiteside Bitch .. pls rename Post. Thx.
  13. FSP-PS-BB

  14. FSP-PS-BB

    uh what happened there ?
  15. FSP-PS-BB