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  1. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/743/introducing-structured-guild-vs-guild#latest The Idea is not mine but wanted to share it here for maybe some guilds interested in it will notice
  2. Jade Sea - Vabbi - Riverside

    you´re right i think but looking @ what happened to RS the last 3 Months .. idk where from they were creeping (some shitholes i guess although RS was "full" most of the last months i think) we somehow managed to gain players which don´t care for nothing except pips maybe ... they won´t join squad, won´t come TS and often don´t even move if keeps/towers under attack. So we are actually unable to counter hard ppt -Greez @ Jade \o/- (except by the RS morning train... which has always been there somehow.. ^^) and we have problems too getting some good fighters @ tag if someone leads for RvR for example or at least better open field fights .. I remember Vabbi zone beating ours up like 5-0 @ south of red Border - by mostly equal number is think So .. Fuck u Anet once more, Fuck the Pip farming Retards ( hope camelot oder crowfall coming up soon ) EDIT says : Thx to Vabbi for figths @ Green BL (guess we had some more numbers ) even though Jade interrupted twice
  3. Jade Sea - Vabbi - Riverside

    May the better one win
  4. and thx also to the french weakminded cunts .. wtf are u doing in wvw ? causing lags .. ppt-ing whole day long .. playing 7on1 and jump on corpses .. gg fuck of edit says: forgot to mention the double pushing most time on rs so for playing against 4 servers we´re doing fine i guess
  5. thx for the fights on blue border today well played all
  6. retarded fspussyjerks pvdíng all day and playing 2v1 at least gg bitches .. to the french : no comment fu all
  7. Riverside BB Desolation

    gg to BB Cancer PPT Retards. \o/
  8. Riverside BB Desolation

    Thank God Anet fixed offtime capping \o/ oh .. wait ..
  9. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    KD representing the 15+ vabbi roaming grps ? or just the cheese cuntz fleeing fights and coming back with 5 more guys ? *gg*
  10. Gandara-Piken-Riverside

    it is PvE .. [I hate] edit says: hope u aren`t talking about [Players versus Everything] ^^
  11. So.. nobody wants to write here... and i know why .. matchups with even one "offtime-cappin-ppt-only" server are shit ... get well soon BB .. at least Kodashs are to find open field and giving some nice fights sometimes..
  12. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    ups wrong topic ^^
  13. FSP - Gankdara - Piken

    ~ 70 + q on every border - rs
  14. FSP-Piken-RS

    Lol stupid punk bitch guess u should have looked at it a 2nd time .. there was surely fsp in the tags .. but nvm kid .. people often unable to deal with the natural superiority of germans .. so .. everything is fine but remember sometimes u have to face reality otherwise u will stay in ur own little world where u are someone .. Get well soon