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  1. Has anyone played https://www.kingdomofloathing.com ? Haven't laughed this much in a long long time. It'll be odd for those who were born after 8-track cassettes were made; but a nice stroll down memory lane for some. They have a new version they released on Steam last August , called West of Loathing (which is more like other RPGs interactively) -- started that one first, before I went searching for their original. Both are hilarious.
  2. Hopelessly addicted. Anyone else? Set up GW2 guild called The Guild if anyone cares to join and wreak gw2 havoc! Character name is same as here. Redcliffe Server. Quite entertaining and pretty complex for a tablet/phone game.

    So I'm guessing Shox is Hellion?
  4. Community Events

    Interesting that all those commenting on actual community are EU players. Proves EU > NA.
  5. Thniking of returning, need advice

    What's up with the Dolyak kid with tourettes?
  6. Your WiFi is borked.

    Well this site, for example, isn't https. Or are you going to play internet hopscotch and pray you don't land on an injected site with your exploited wifi connected device. Theres tons of breaking news stories on this. I even read one this morning that indicated vpns may be impacted.
  7. Your WiFi is borked.

    Here, in photos:
  8. Your WiFi is borked.

    Nope. it means any traffic flowing from a wifi source has a back door. Any.
  9. Your WiFi is borked.

  10. Are you an artist?

    More info here: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/announcing-the-guild-wars-2-design-a-weapon-contest/
  11. Looks like they're actually doing one of my suggestions for player generated content. if you draw, here's your chance for bragging rights. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/2350/design-a-weapon-contest-ask-your-questions-here if it's successful I wonder if they'll do the same thing for server unique player voted armour sets? Wahoo.
  12. Pain management for cancer patients?

    Thanks for this. I know it's weird asking on a gaming forum, but there's not really any family I know that hasn't been touched by cancer. Plus I know there's a high level of "no bullshit" here, compared to other resources I've tried. Thanks for being kind.
  13. Pain management for cancer patients?

    CBD? if I put some in her food will she be able to taste it? sorry, last time I smoked pot was in my 20s and never ate it. is there any danger of heart issues? thanks btw.
  14. Not looking for sympathy, just some real advice from those of you who have gone through this. TDLR: my moms brain cancer has grown, she's in the final stages of decline. She has a lot of pain, but refuses doctors advice or take anything stringer than Tylenol. Ive suggested pot because it will help her appetite (which is dismal), but she won't do it. Do any of you know of over the counter vitamins or something similar that I could suggest? My research is at a full stop and I'm at a loss on how to help her. Anyone been through this and even know of a prescription medication that works that's not morphine? Thanks for your time.