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  1. What happend to Vabbi?

    Come back when you can read English, I know how blobbing works, that has nothing to do with what I wrote. I was on Deso, in all that time I recall him coming into WvW TS once to "blob" (he got bored and left) and that was it, the rest of the time he played small scale, or skirmished around the blob, and when he skimished around the blob he played what class/build he liked because it simply didn't matter he was mucking around in WvW. Irony... I picked a "famous" player as an example simply on the basis you or anyone else is more likely to know who I am talking about. As for outside of PvP tournaments, you rather missed the point, this game is as a generalisation relatively low skilled and lacking a competitive playerbase, so I'd say the only place in GW2 where the skill level was high enough and the competitiveness enough for players really to show they are actually good, was the PvP tournaments, being "good" at blobbing is an oxymoron. (Go see what happened to your TA heroes when they entered a tournament for an example of why most even supposed "good" WvW players aren't really) And as for "5 years ago", if I remember correctly the last tournament was 2016, and no people don't magically get "good" in a game with a declining population and with virtually no competitive playerbase or format anymore to push people into "getting good", there were far more 'good' players 2 years ago than they are now. Whoosh... The point was he only switched class when there was prize money on the line, yet when he queued in ranked he didn't switch class, and that ranked PvP is several rungs up the ladders in terms of "mattering" than blobbing around in WvW which doesn't matter at all in comparison, unless you are clinically retarded, so what you had was an actual good player not switching class, and playing what he found most fun over what may be most effective in something that matters more than blobbing. Hence being "good" and switching classes are two entirely different things, people that switch classes have one priority those who don't have different priorities. Roaming is dead in WvW, it has basically degenerated into duels or ganking the back of zergs / zerglings trying to get back to zerg, that isn't roaming. WvW fights have not really been interesting since pre-HoT, which is one of the reasons most of the more fight orientated WvW players have left the game (as opposed to PvE or bag players as Ogma would put it).
  2. What happend to Vabbi?

    What I said was within the context of blobbing, you are confusing effectiveness with player quality, a trash player on a more effective class is still trash, one of the best players in the game on a less effective class is still one of the best players in the game, and actual 'quality' as opposed to varying the degrees of bad that most GW2 blobbers are. He is not my "beloved" Rom, he was simply one of the few players in this trash tier game (skillwise) that could actually be described as quality, and I agree he wouldn't play 4 signet staff ele in a blob, the reality is he wouldn't blob because he'd get bored of it, because it is not even PvP in any meaningful sense and is so low skilled and so mindless that it has any quality player falling asleep, blobbing is pretty much "PvP" for PvE players. Let me explain 'quality' to you, in the world of video games GW2 is a low skilled, casual MMORPG, where most of the playerbase want to play dress-up, which only ever had a very small competitive playerbase (which is now at the point of being virtually non-existent), the number of players who were ever actually 'quality' in this game was tiny, most players in this game are just varying degrees of bad and mediocre at best. The only bit of this game that had any real sort of test of quality players was PvP back when they had tournaments, and even then the reality is that only about 5 or so teams ever really managed to be at the level where they played it competently, those and handful of others were quality players. As for legendary, pls stop making me laugh, I got legendary, I am not quality, Stence got legendary, which should tell you everything you need to know. And you will still be player of whatever quality you are on your non-meta class, where as there will be plenty of players on guards, necros, etc who be trash tier quality. Putting aside people playing to win at blobbing in a game mode that is competitively a joke, is funny, that is the actual difference (or one of them) between someone who plays an off-meta class and someone who plays meta, not the quality of the player, one prioritizes "winning" blob fights (or is often the case for many of the PvE players who call themselves WvW players - getting more bags), the other prioritizes playing what they find fun to play, and often considered blobbing around in WvW as not something to take seriously. You know long ago, when mesmer was in a particularly shitty spot in PvP, Helseth eventually switched to necro for tournaments (and I mean ESL tournaments, etc), yet other than scrims that is the only place he played necro, because it bored him to death, so even when he queued for team/solo queue with his place on the leaderboards up for grabs, he played the then sub-par mesmer. Now whatever you may think of the "competitiveness" or importance of matches or the leaderboards in PvP, they are still several rungs up the ladder from blobbing in WvW, and whatever you may think of Helseth, the reality is he was actually a competitive player, unlike 99% of the imbeciles in WvW who like to claim they are, yet play a game mode that is a joke competitively, so what you have is even for someone who by the standards of GW2 was one of the few competitive players, playing in a more competitive game mode, choosing to play what he finds most fun, rather than what may be most effective. And guess what, after a short time, he basically said 'screw it' and went back to mesmer for tournies, yet scrubs in WvW go on about playing the right class as if their life depended on, which is exactly why they will always be scrubs and why they spend their time blobbing.
  3. What happend to Vabbi?

    Only in a game as scrubby as GW2 WvW do you get players this dumb, quality has nothing to do with what you choose to play. This is going to come as a shock to you, but the number of quality players in this game is tiny, and virtually none of them will be blobbing around in WvW this week, because that is barely PvP in any real sense, so only ignorant PvE scrubs take it seriously. And that is the difference between people who play whatever is the current tryhard class and those who don't, scrubs take blobbing around in WvW seriously, others don't , so play what they enjoy, which is why if say Rom decided to come back to the game and blob around on his druid for a bit, he would still be one of the few quality players in this game, whilst you (and 99.9% of WvW blobbers) on whatever tryhard class you play would still be low quality trash in comparison.
  4. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    That doesn't even make sense you dumb cunt, if I was French with I assume the implication that I wanted to avoid fights then I wouldn't care that the quality / meta, etc was in such a shitty state that for anyone who doesn't breath exclusively out of their mouth the game is not worth playing, would I, you are a walking advert for the dangers of incest.
  5. Far Shivercarts vs Cavemen Vabbi Feat Baruch

    LOL, people going on about 'fights', I tried this piece of shit game again for a few hours the other day, the "fights" are beyond trash, sometimes literally 5 mins of circling back and forth, you plebs must be clinically retarded to be playing this turd of a game in the state it is in on a regular basis, though I guess the retardation is obvious given this thread.
  6. They get hate, because for the most part they are PvDoor scrubs, last time I played this game, killed a Nuke guy once, next two times he saw me, he waypointed (then when he had three of his fellow scrubs with him tried to chase me halfway across the map and failed), that is typical Nuke, they are basically shit PvE players , compare that to guilds who actually focus on small scale fights like Judge, Rekt, etc, you know people that actually engage in PvP.
  7. Desolation Seafarer's Rest Vabbi

    After not playing this game in maybe 9 months, bar a handful of logins, I played a lot the last few days to see if it is worth coming back to and wow, it seems like SFR & Deso play like French servers these days. So much hiding in towers with siege, despite having numbers, actually running from fights when Vabbi had the outnumbered buff, losing T2/3 objectives with not much resistance then you look back 10 mins later and you see orange swords from these sad cases PvDooring, really why even play a PvP game, it is pathetic. It is pretty sad, SFR & Deso were once two of the most fun servers to play against / on, I guess it just sums up the state of game, most of the WvW players have left, PvE heroes who consider pressing 1 on an AC or smacking their face into a door as "gameplay" are mainly what is left. And yes certain Vabbi players bang on way too much about k/d, and seem to be suffering from some delusion that blobbing in GW2 is highly skilled gameplay rather than the faceroll joke it is, but still at least they are actually fighting in a PvP mode, which is preferable to a lot of what I've seen from SFR/Deso in the last few days. But even with the Vabbi delsuion over "skilled" gameplay and the k/d ratios, what they do show is the sort of servers Deso/SFR have become, that in the supposed 18 hours a day that Vabbi are barely present SFR can only manage 2k more kills fighting Deso, whilst Deso have 9k less kills, than Vabbi gets playing 6 hours, it speaks volumes (especially about the BS claims of "good fights" more like 'what fights'), PvDoor, avoiding fights of any size, bad PvE players, congrats you are Augury Rock. I guess I'll try this game again some time after the expansion to see if WvW picks up, but I won't be holding my breath (or wasting money on the expansion), dead really is the case it seems.
  8. Gandara-Riverside-BB

    The only joke is that in an alleged PvP mode, the gameplay is so low skilled, so braindead that things that are fundamental to any good PvP game like positioning are largely handed off to one guy, which then makes taking out one guy a hugely effective tactic, the answer is to play a game with real PvP, but then I guess that is exactly the reason most of the bads playing WvW are playing WvW, real PvP too hard. Oh and while we are at, really people should make up their mind, they QQ if people don't play certain builds/classes because they want to be effective, yet then QQ when people use the most effective tactic of focusing the comm, but then that means less bags, which matters because blobbers are basically PvE players.

    LOL, "good fights", you got a time machine there boy? So you can go back to when combat in this game wasn't a complete pile of shit and WvW actually had more than an handful of players who weren't complete trash , or are you simply too bad to realize what a sorry pile of shit WvW has been since HoT? At least the new players have an excuse, however 90% of the sad fucks on this forum have none, and should know a "good" matchup today would have been called trash when WvW was actually decent, which is why every player and guild not made up of mouthbreathers moved on to other games long ago, apart from you handful of sad cases of course, it is hilarious when you guys have a go at that Zenith guy, I mean if any of you were any good, you wouldn't be blobbing around in a 5 year old game that has gone to shit, but the fact you are speaks volumes, trash tier gamers telling some new guy he is trash, hilarious.

    It is amusing how PvE scrubbies complain about comm focus, you get less bags, ah tiddums, poor little PvE heroes, Ogma would be proud of you.

    Because the rest of WvW is alive... oh wait...
  12. FSP - Gandara - GH

    No one regularly playing WvW in GW2 has a competitive mindset, no one who wants competitive skilled PvP is playing WvW for that, because the game mode is a joke in those regards (blobbing in WvW is barely even PvP in any meaningful sense), that some people are so stupid, so bad, they are suffering from the delusion that they are a "competitive GW2 blobber", says more about them than anything else.
  13. FSP - Gandara - GH

    Someone on Teapot's stream said Ravya has been banned, is that true?
  14. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    I realise you aren't the sharpest tool in the box, but there are many reasons to play different games, when I want skilled gameplay and actual real PvP I play games capable of that, when I want to screw about or am too tired to play a proper game I play something else, occasionally that is GW2, the difference is I realise that the game and blobbing about in WvW especially is a joke in regard to skill and barely constitutes PvP in any meaningful sense, you on the other hand are the biggest type of noob out there, one so stupid he bleats on about skill in something that anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows is a joke in that regard.
  15. FSP - Gandara - Deso

    The irony... If you were 'skilled' and wanted skilled gameplay you wouldn't be blobbing around in a joke game designed to be so easy to play that Stephen Hawking could manage it, your sort are the biggest 'noobs' out there, guess what skilled players aren't blobbing in WvW or even playing GW2, if you are still blobbing around GW2 then you are just another bad, but one that is too stupid to realize it.