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  1. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Condi is weaker but corrupts are exactly the same, so full melee engages are still pretty risky.
  2. Piken-Gandara-Baruch Bay

    You forgot KISS slomoboi
  3. Thniking of returning, need advice

    I was on AG only for the gandara link. So no.
  4. Thniking of returning, need advice

    Gandara could really use more commanders but it's full and you will need to follow links (would have to do that in most places tbh). It's currently linked to aurora glade (1k gems). If you want more info you can contact me in game /w Avged.
  5. Cheers, you too. Hope to see you guys come back at some point
  6. Those fights were fun. Was that from the 1st or 2nd scrim?
  7. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    thanks to all guilds in this matchup for fights. one of the more fun weeks we had in a while. /fp
  8. WSR vs Rivercart vs Gankdara

    Thx for fights pV, Zoi and the RS guild i forgot it's name
  9. General WvW Fights

    0 skill lag with 6-7 guilds fighting at the same area on sunday
  10. General WvW Fights

    yep i agree on sunday we had a fucking blast on fsp border fighting amp, rt, kale, en constantly in fire keep area while we had 1-2 guilds pushing besides us they also had en portal bombing us outta nowhere or rt randomly pushing our regroup or just yolo pushing amp with 12 people. the best thing was the only downtime of fighting guilds during the 2-3 hour raid was respawns. good shit i hope we get more situations where all guilds are on the same map and just fuck around and fight we should legit just make red map for guilds in every matchup since there's the least pugs and open tags in that map. if every guild just queues red every night we avoid situations of having all fights in a map with 30 queue while you fight pug blobs.. there's also the fact that no one gives a shit about defending red map objectives which means less retards hugging acs everywhere.
  11. Bro please this is the only interesting thread on this website.
  12. hey domi tbh there aren't enough guilds active at the moment to set up one before expansion. i also think that unless the halls get fixed the activity will be relatively low in that area.
  13. Gandara-Riverside-BB

    there were 3 people with the tup tag (comm, rev and ele) in the map. i took my tag off (rev) because i was getting pulled in every fight worked like magic
  14. FSP - Gandara - GH

    eX looking for scrims sunday/wednesday/tuesday pm/mail spindom.7865