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  1. well kappa i just saw this: your strongest blob vs Riverside Only pirateship and selfbomb , try to com snipe
  2. TA-Dead-GH -ded- and more than half are not on fsp - Slay -play other game, except killzainas That's why fsp get farmed before prime time, cause they relly on pugs not raiding to have decent blob , that's why FSP dodge ebg, cause they need those gvg players to carry , while queues are insane ...... Average FSP is lol
  3. What FSP core you talk about ? When we first arrived to fsp arround 2 years and half ago FSP had the allmighty trio : Double dagger daisy -The ele commander / Major headache -the necro commander / Samonasukae - the ranger commander- wich were tagged 80% of time for FSP. FSP became something only after TT/Slay /GH/ASH , latter on NB transfered there..... ( so more or less FSP core -the players that got tired of queues from SFR and DESO ?) So what core FSP have actualy ? FSP is bandwgon server , formed from disbanded guilds like TA/GH / etc....
  4. kisss farming fsp ? ok
  5. idk why everyone so salty against KISS....
  6. So what' your point to trashtalk me ? you don;'t even know wich server i am on. I left fsp when it was overstacked, not carebear like "others" to get carryed
  7. is ok still wiped the flor with every guild you were in .... random nonames that win 2 fights /month and get farmed rest of matchup , big and stomg on forums
  8. fking Piken double team our gari
  9. ofc you came desert bl to fight with me or roy, but when you actualy started on desert bl or called us for fights there, cause i don;t really recall it. it was always us calling for fights out of piken bl , like to fsp bl , where fsp had another "groups " and coudn;t move ... so we end up on desert so we can have similar numbers... I mean like i never saw fsp going Desert bl for ppt fights, before in 6 months since i am back ingame, but as soon as Piken is red, Desert Bl is a hype for FSP .... W/e Have it your way i am just surpissed to see this , is like really confussing me if fsp actualy wanan go for fights. And no for example today when i asked ins to jump to fsp bl, there were only 30 militia defenders willing to fight us, considering you had 2 other borders with queue , makes me consider you guys wanna fight with piken on Piken BL....
  10. well for the first time i must agree wth you kappa , but meh, is like not happening ...fsp prefer piken bl, except conzor who would fight anywhere:) @ bez - yea it was also 1 month ago when you just came to create skill lag when we were fighting river adding in fights, i rmemeber W/e hope you guys enjoy going piken bl, specialy since is desert
  11. idk last time when we fought with bez on fsp bl was 6 months ago at the begging of the link betwen deso and vabbi gues everyone like to fight on offensive border, where the enemy zerg is smaller
  12. idk jamie why you speak for fsp too , you are there since 2 months, i am talking about past 3 links, 6 months, i barely saw fsp come to fight on their home bl with few exceptions .... but always calling for piken to fight on their home
  13. is FSP , what you expect , they go piken bl and yell for fights, but dodge ebg or fsp bl ....
  14. i totaly agree with bez Fsp never com focus , and they don';t veil push when enemy com get corrupt /pull/imob
  15. thx for fights to lyroc, too bad we coudn;'t organize good enough on red bl , we had 35-42 on squad so we basicaly got overruned no matter we try pirteship or push When we went ebg latter on , we still had poor organization, bbut we actualy got 50 + on tag and the chokes helped us to win fights , and not get 1 pushed