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  1. i barely play 3 h /week durring summer /jully -aug - half of september so no point for me transfer
  2. we both in top klls world while you are still random trash and for 1 vs 1 , sure pm ingame
  3. you still suck dick anyway, cause that's what you are a cocksucker and you have no right to criticise me or bez since you are not better , you can;t 1 vs 1 or 15 vs 15, cause you are just a trash forum warrior most likley you are some retard ranger skill cllicker , calling himself forum warrior in 2k17. How can you even call others retard mate, you still live in your mom bassement
  4. why would you fight 20 vs 20 if all the guilds fight 15 vs 15 you are sucking his dick like always maybe you could stop be a pussy and ask your leader bez to 15 vs 15
  5. actualy i don;t have any players since i stopped raiding 7 months ago i just know bez is a pussy, and will dodge even numbers
  6. man you are such a fking retard, keep dodging that 15 vs 15
  7. What? you dodge 15 vs 15? ok, you lost your video how you won vs me on ez raid, and you lost your balls for 15 vs 15, cause you know you are trash
  8. just link it you ri tard, and show me how i was in ez raid, or better ask your spy's if i was there And for the 100'th times if everybody fight 15 vs 15 , why would you go 30 vs 30 ? i also fought dudu and he is a better com than you and he qq less, and tiru is better but who care, you call them trash with every single opportunity, like last time you message me, you hope ah comes to vabbi cause you hate them And i call you feggot, because i wanna call you feggot , your mom may call you homosexual because she loves you,for me you are a random delussional retard
  9. you are such a fking retard mate , i was not even online y-day looks like i have an obssesion for you , i see you on, even when you are not, ah wait that's you , stop stalking me , you fking feggot i challenge you agian for 100 'th time 15 vs 15 tt vs kill
  10. 1 hour after reset vabbi boys decided they too overstacked so they will split again it was embarassing to get this against fsp http://imgur.com/a/SHT50 over 4k/d ratio lul
  11. honestly mate, do you even keybind ?
  12. what? i am not on sfr? i am on vabbi i dislike guilds like kill cause they trashtalk but dodge fights
  13. sfr for life let's all bandwagon there top kek
  14. no chriss map jumped, i arrive in ebg after 50 man queue i see no tag and i tag up i wait 5 min to organize We try fight with not enough on tag, you know it since dudu was speakign with me So i joined ts, never asked in ez chat for players to join me, even too they joined 20 minutes latter. We can see from overall k/d ratio how good you performed since you had like 0.5 k/d for the given scrimish HF Edit* optimus was a better challenge than you and fabz combined he managed to win some fights when we already had half decent blob, and after fsp lost sm ::)
  15. i think 2 or 3 of those fights were vs me, near our ebg keep respawn However as soon as we got 30 on ts, we started to win, take sm latter on and the normal rq from fsp 30 minutes latter:) I think fabz tryed to take over and rq also after 2-3 fights Than optimus took over won 2 more fights , but also rq after few loseses:) Is fun that the fights vs me " are bvb vs ez coms with 0 ez on him , since everyone else was on chriss on other map , but we farmed good 10 minutes latter on I don';t get it why fsp change 3 commanders in 30 minutes cause they lose fights ?:))