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  1. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Currently recruiting all classes - Hybrid.9850 for info
  2. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Updated with new Server info, Still recruiting!
  3. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Opening Recruitment for our return on the 10th of Jan
  4. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Still recruiting all classes Contact Hybrid Venom/Hybrid.9850 for more info
  5. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Updated with New Relinks Server
  6. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Updated for expansion
  7. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Still recruiting! Contact Hybrid Venom/Hybrid.9850 for more info
  8. [vÍ] Path Of Fire Beta

  9. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Updated for Expac
  10. [vÍ] GvG & WvW

  11. Vivacious [vÍ]

  12. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Updated with New Raid days
  13. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Mainly looking for guardians currently, however all classes will be considered. Pm Hybrid Venom/Hybrid.9850 for more info
  14. Vivacious [vÍ]

    Moved to Whiteside Ridge, Paired with Piken Square (500gems)