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  1. Looking for: 1 x revenant As usual, apply online: http://amp.guildlaunch.com/ Or whisper 'Ljoey' in game. Thanks
  2. Looking for one Firebrand. Apply on the website: http://amp.guildlaunch.com/ Or whisper me in game if you have any questions or want further details. Easiest name to type is ‘Ljoey’.
  3. Back at it again this week, currently looking for: 1 x revenant Falx did a new multi pov vid:
  4. Currently on break until early January. Thanks to all the guilds we fought over the past year, was fun. In terms of recruitment, not looking for anything specific, but as always, if you think you're good at your class and want to test yourself at one of the highest levels, then feel free to apply on your best class: http://amp.guildlaunch.com/ Falx did an old legacy vid with some fights from throughout the year:
  5. Pretty epic video from Astray (spellbreaker)
  6. Should probably have added, we're on Blacktide now, linked with FSP. Still, if you are interested, at the moment we are looking for a new rev, feel free to whisper me in game of 'Ljoey' or submit an application on the website: http://amp.guildlaunch.com
  7. Looking for 1 revenant at the moment.
  8. Dramalation, SFR+FoW, Gankdara

    Getting farmed by Deso is a new and interesting experience.
  9. Falx did a promo PoF vid, although it's mostly just screaming.
  10. Thanks FSP for the fights earlier. Private Joe.
  11. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    Commanders running pink cat tags, then complaining they only attract weebs and pvers...
  12. Gandara - Vabbi - Riverside

    If Riverside is so German, why is Schweigy still there...