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  1. We have the mighty Kimberlite tagging up regularly, reminding everybody who can see team chat about the glory days of SFR.
  2. Err what? There was no tag on map, so I tag and take two towers on Piken same of the map, both just before the tick to maximise points. There was no scout report in team chat, those orange swords on SM could have been all the FSP EB heroes who fell off their acs on the roof and caused 25x falling damage.
  3. FSP EB cucks struggling to cope without T3 SM to carry on EB, we had to resort to this after Deso farm us...
  4. Honestly, FSP can farm whoever they want on borders, we just get 70 players stacked and slaughter. If you want to farm us, do it on EB, we're just come cuckold cloud clown fiesta there without ts. And please do actually, so they all leave to somewhere else.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for all the fights over the past few months, especially during our time on Riverside together while we were starting off. Was nice to share a server with you guys, and it was always fun and friendly fights. Good luck in the future wherever you end up, and I look forward to seeing you guys raiding again!
  6. Currently looking for 1 warrior, ideally someone that has played guardian as well, or at least has played warrior a lot in public fights. http://amp.guildlaunch.com/ Usual place to apply, or mail me at 'Ljoey' in game if you have any questions.
  7. Nice video
  8. Currently not specifically short on any class, just looking for good players in general, with the right mentality. New video:
  9. Looking for 1x guardian
  10. Good luck with the guild.
  11. Looking for: 1 guardian 1 revenant Oh, Falx did a 'promo' vid that is basically just throwing salt at me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCo_ZgwonhY&t=5s
  12. This forum looks too neat and tidy, it was better when they looked like trash to proper represent the cancer that was on show.
  13. Primarily looking for a revenant at the moment.
  14. Eventually changed website: http://amp.guildlaunch.com/
  15. We wanted to stay on RS, we waited one month for it to get unfull, but it didn't. As a European guild, we cannot survive on German national server without being able to get new players onto server. We had about 3/4 players who wanted to join but support wouldn't transfer them after 10+ exchanges. The reason Vabbi, is because both FSP and Piken got links. We expected to have to move to Deso or SFR links. We always said we'd move to the highest EU server link, but as Piken has a lot of guilds we fight against, we chose the FSP link.