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  1. One of the few if not the only GvG necro I've seen that doesn't just waste their utilities and spam them out. Props.
  2. SBI - DB - HOD

    Good fights last night. Shoutout to all the pugs and guilds that fought us.

    With 5 you can easily take on 10-15 of the average WvW players these days. More if you play some of the cheesier comps out there. How this gamemode plays currently isn't really playing is it? Get 60+ in a blob run around beating your face against structures. Even guild groups aren't able to run 15 and wipe those nowadays. You get two blobs of 60 "fighting" and it becomes which server has fewer players lagging. That simply isn't enjoyable for myself and the rest of the roamers that still exist. We play WvW so we can get fights against larger numbers and get a challenge. We know that isn't how most people play WvW nor how they want to play, but it's still an aspect of WvW. Spvp has its moments, but as the name suggests it's too structured. It dilutes down some of the fighting as a team aspects and turns up some tactical aspects like rotations. We prefer the tactical aspects of small man roaming and making ourselves have to adapt to the forces we fight constantly. I should say that that video is not a good example of challenging fights that we look for. 38+ kills to 0 downstates isn't fun. But it does illustrate the average players mentality in WvW with how long SBI kept charging back in.
  4. Roaming

    Fair enough. It was 4 of us plus 1 pug vs you 4 so it's understandable to not want to engage that again.
  5. Roaming

    Now do whatever you want, but T1 isn't a good place for roaming. Honestly I'm in your matchup and I have had no issues finding good fights even if SBI has a tendency to blob us down eventually. Maybe it's just the hours I play though. Your statement that if you wipe you try and go back and fight them is the right attitude to have, but it isn't what you practice from what I've observed. Maybe I catch you guys on bad days, but usually when you wipe I won't see you on that bl anymore for a while.