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  1. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    yeye buddy keep thinking you discovered it disregard what was on the wiki SINCE 2012, fucking americans lol
  2. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    i think youre very late to the party unless you did that before 17th october 2012 synergy mentioned even on fucking wiki lol https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title="Save_Yourselves!"&diff=404085&oldid=323356
  3. General WvW Fights

    maybe people dont want to fight in skill lag? maybe the guild doesnt want the other one rallybot their fights? theres a ton of reasons for either side
  4. perish knows damn well fsp reset eb group is usually the worst one, not hard to farm that
  5. Shatter mesmer roaming

    youre hacking man, that kind of ping to pull the burst off doesnt exist in wvw anymore
  6. better fights with scourge in the game? ye i dont think so
  7. Threads show up as unread after i read them already, is it just me?
  8. Hype

    arent you guys like 50 years old now? game too fast for you nowadays
  9. 1 v 3 DOCCCPKRTA

    is this scripted or is NA really this shit
  10. Deso v FSp vs AR

    eh you wiped them in garri 4 times, meanwhile they farmed you for how long as you were rerunning to defend it lol sometimes people dont give a shit about capping, they just farm you
  11. do we sign up here? what server are you on? do you pay transfers?
  12. RoF vs FSP vs KD

    all good, use whatever to defend your stuff. as long as you dont run to hide there every time like some other servers anyway, good fights, hope we can get more

    biju is just another commander sniper, at least hes so bad hes gonna rallybot him back up

    not much commander focus? i dont think that applies to vabbi now

    wow so much epeen here, nobody realizes its anet who decides which servers are gonna be the top dogs using links, transfer prices and closing/opening them for transfers they dont give a shit about population balance, they care about $$ im also curious how vabbi does against gandara, theyre shit but have population now