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  1. [AmP] Amplified Wrath - Revenant PoV

    not sure if the squad cover was a joke, but if it wasnt you should have covered dps meter too also you miss quite a lot of your CoRs but who am i to tell you
  2. Your WiFi is borked.

    no, youre wrong. unless you can point me to something that says otherwise wifi encryption might be broken but not the underlying encryption of network protocols
  3. Your WiFi is borked.

    if i understand it correctly, only unencrypted wifi traffic is affected. that means when you use encrypted protocols for connection (https, etc.) youre fine
  4. no im not from kill, didnt we already see this fight from different perspective? so you post the 1 win where vE helped and expect what exactly? youre still hypocrite for calling out RT on posting wins and no losses while you do the same
  5. and youre posting the ones you lost? fkin hypocrite lmao
  6. international servers without links are all in the shithole so i dont really see the reason youre pointing out fsp ag gave you coverage, its all that matters in ppt
  7. you mean the shithole you crawled out of only with aurora link? (cmiiw)
  8. shout reaper decent gameplay old meta before pof too, wanna see your ballsy pushes into spellbreakers and scourges and you think youre fighting bigger numbers in that vid rav? did you see Zoi at the start?
  9. rav, i didnt say we won all the fights threater you cant use numbers as excuse its simply not true; pushing in this meta is just suicide, hope anet comes to senses and makes some changes
  10. do you live in alternate reality or something? you lost the fight and the trebs
  11. rav building 3 trebs for a choke fight lmaoooo
  12. is it me or the NA guild scene is doing better than EU atm, and i dont mean gvg specifically
  13. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    yeye buddy keep thinking you discovered it disregard what was on the wiki SINCE 2012, fucking americans lol
  14. save yourselves + contemplation of purity

    i think youre very late to the party unless you did that before 17th october 2012 synergy mentioned even on fucking wiki lol https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title="Save_Yourselves!"&diff=404085&oldid=323356
  15. General WvW Fights

    maybe people dont want to fight in skill lag? maybe the guild doesnt want the other one rallybot their fights? theres a ton of reasons for either side