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  1. Anguîsh [Ash] - Vabbi

    bump recruiting again
  2. I plan on leaking Builds of a Famous guild

    it was from dps meters since anet allowed them WITHOUT the gear check they made a new version without it, guess an old version got used but its against the ToS
  3. I plan on leaking Builds of a Famous guild

    If its the imgur printscreens with bgdm gearcheck then let me help you": enjoy because they're nonsense anyway
  4. Anguîsh [Ash] - Vabbi

    we're now on RoS recruitment still open
  5. This looks much cleaner now, this ignore list is glorious.
  6. Anguîsh [Ash] - Vabbi

    It does indeed mean duels.
  7. oh boy , you just crack me up with your intellectual answers, you'll definitely reach something in your life, you're not even worth my time enjoy the monologues again
  8. well u keep bumping this topic now instead of making it vanish by writing useless brainfarts in the others hue~~ and u just disqualified yourself when u said honest opinion.. just says everything about you and your knowledge
  9. below average comment. guess all the good trolls left the game. *sigh*
  10. Anguîsh [Ash] - Vabbi

    Well i pretty much summed it up in the Introduction and believe me.. Enigma is one of the nicest people in Ash there is WAY worse people hue~~ So thanks for the free bump, u can keep creating accounts and do this everyday, it saves me work. Still looking for people to join the personifcation of toxicity.
  11. Who is Anguîsh We're one of the top guilds ever since creation, but better known as forever 2nd best guild (or was it 3rd? who knows). Our players are the most toxic people in the game. All we want is fighting guilds we don't give a shit if it's GH or OS, we don't give a shit if we have the best possible roster online. We got players from many old Hardcore guilds yadda yadda who even cares. What do we expect from you Know the class you’re applying for (we don’t care if you can play multiple classes) Ability to speak and understand english TS Active (I mean 100% active, if u can’t call out don’t even bother) Able to record your footage (footage will be watched and rated every week ( not only in your trial period)) Don’t be scared of critique (we won’t be sweet-talking it) Trial Trial consists of a PvP trial to define your ability to read your opponent and adapt to the situations. After the PvP trial you get instant feedback no matter if you get the WvW trial or you get declined. Raiding times Currently we raid Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday starting at 20 UK - open end ( if there are enough guilds willing to fight) Classes we recruit (this will be actualized) Every applicant will be considered and trialed in PvP. Contacts If you are interested and want to take the next step pm the following people: Guild & Raid Leader – Enigma – Kirito.8701 Officer – Shakki – Shakki.3219 Officer – Roy – Doc Holiday.1326